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Well the adventure is divided into four acts with two different routes based on whether the player chooses to go a more mystical route or go more political. So far I'm a quarter of the way through finalizing Act one, with Acts three and two drafted with code. I feel like this jam would do better with a dating sim version of the adventure. It's all text(Twine) and the dating sim is wrapped up in the adventure, so it is partially written.

I'd say, based on the information, it's simply a matter of prioritizing what you feel is the better work and what you're better at coding/writing/illustrating. Keep in mind we're not too far into the jam where you couldn't start to change the direction of your project if you want to. If you recall the previous yuri-related game jam, a personal favorite of mine created by TeamANPIM was started a week before the original deadline. Although you yourself are working at this alone, I feel if you make changes while you still can, it'll be that much more painless reaching the final goal.

Also keep in mind, if at any point you want to share in private what you have written, I'd be more than happy to give you my feedback. If you have a skype, my username is mattomasutamindo (weird name, I know). I've got nothing but time, but feel free to decline my offer. It's not exactly the most comfortable thing to do, I know.

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Thank you.

I think the hardest part of a game jam can be figuring out how much you can do in a certain amount of time, and whether the quality would be where you want it

Yeah that's definitely an issue! But the constraints are also useful for forcing that scoping to happen! I'd play any of the above, I'll admit. I guess the nice thing is that you've written most of it and if you can't finish all of the visuals, the Twine version would be a useful prototype that you could get feedback on and build off of.

Yeah. That's the good thing about this jam it doesn't have to be finished. I'm thinking of just doing the game Episodically. There's so much to go through to get it done now.