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i tried playing but when i went into the start thing everything was dark and i could only hear myself jumping. also i couldn't open the menu. is that supposed to happen? or am i doing something wrong?


Hey Ek3, I am not (yet) aware of a bug that causes this issue. It's definitely not supposed to happen - what system / OS are you playing on?

Catalina, which could be the problem - lots of games apparently don't work properly/at all on this version.

I'm sorry to hear that. Mac support is tough to do continuously, as you always need the hardware for it. With Linux, I could just install whatever distro someone is using and run some tests. Maybe you can boot camp a linux mint or windows for the games that aren't working properly.


Yeah, my roommate said I might be able to borrow their computer, which looks like my best option right now. Really wish I hadn't updated it, but oh well. Thanks anyway!


I am not sure if it is Catalina. Usually games that are not able to work won't even open. Either way, once I get a PC, I will definitely come back to this game and give a review.

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