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...well this time i didn't even get off the boat before it crashed

trying to replay this on my new computer (windows) but for some reason it closes every time i enter the cave. gonna try uninstalling and reinstalling, i guess

ooh i really liked this

i would die for fetch. goodest boy

nvm found it

i adore this game, and i have a great time whenever i play it, but i cannot for the life of me figure out where the last cassette (the one between "only options" and "tesso tesso tesso" in the club) is. any hints?

was enjoying the game a lot until i went into that freaking cave

The Real Texas community · Created a new topic help
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is there like. a guide for people who aren't very good at games. bc i'm stuck on the wizard fight and apparently that's the first boss

update: now stuck on pig

the game keeps closing without warning

i enjoyed this but when i shot the dude the first time i decided to wait for him to die and then walk out dramatically as he collapsed behind me, but then i ended up stuck walking backwards into the stage, so. that's a thing.

well, hopefully, i'll get to give that version a go! or just find another computer. whichever. thanks!

Ah, I guess my screen's just not the right size. I'll figure something out, I suppose. Thank you!

i tried opening the game but it was too wide for my screen and i'm not sure how to fix that

played it through to the true ending and holy????? cow?????? i'm not a huge romance guy but diego's relationship with calliope is just. so perfect. i love them both so much. i'm honestly scared to find the other endings bc i just want them to be happy and cuddling and fighting evil mushrooms together forever

i'm definitely gonna try this game, but before i do i gotta ask: ever seen shiki? XD

I can't usually play horror games due to jump scares, but I'm so glad I tried this one! Can't wait to see what's next! Do those girls have names, by the way? Whether they're actually dead or not, only knowing them by adjectives is a little saddening...

Yeah, my roommate said I might be able to borrow their computer, which looks like my best option right now. Really wish I hadn't updated it, but oh well. Thanks anyway!

Catalina, which could be the problem - lots of games apparently don't work properly/at all on this version.

i tried playing but when i went into the start thing everything was dark and i could only hear myself jumping. also i couldn't open the menu. is that supposed to happen? or am i doing something wrong?