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This was an incredibly beautiful game. Thank you so much for this experience. Gave me emotions like in a dream. :)

Would I be able to pay you in order to add a few features?

Thanks for the help!!  :D

Played it and I weirdly really liked it

Does this work with Catalina for Mac?

Wow, thank you so much!

Hey, I just noticed that the newest update doesn't seem to allow me to do anything of the challenges except for the "speedrun" and "play the game how it originally was supposed to be" I don't know if this is just a Mac issue, but it doesn't appear to work no matter what I do.

Always happy to hear from you all.   :)

Wow, this game is great. You know, I tend not to like games like this because they feel boring after a while but the controls remind me of how classic Mario had momentum and slid making it a challenge to control him well. Thus, having great control of the sphere is difficult and an interesting thing to get used to. Fun game and I hope for you the best.  :)

I am not sure if it is Catalina. Usually games that are not able to work won't even open. Either way, once I get a PC, I will definitely come back to this game and give a review.

Mac doesn't support 32-bit games anymore with Catalina.

Very nice

Very interesting, I'll will definitely be following this one

Uh, wow. This game is really great. I had a lot of fun and many times I laughed quite a bit.