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Hi , I want to know why can't play it game of Android ?

Deleted 218 days ago

oh so can you help me how can work of it game please ? thank you

How u can play it game ? u phone is Android ?


There are many reasons of why it is not working for you:

1. You need to have Android 5.0 or any newer version after that one. If you have any version previous to 5.0 you'll need to update.

2. You might don't have enough space in your device. You might need to free space if you don't have too much left.

3. The downloaded file might be corrupted. You can download it again.

4. You need to allow your device to install applicattion from Unknown sources. You can disable this setting, install the game and then enable the setting again in case you want to secure your device.

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How about can't open it file game problem?

The file is probably corrupted. What kind of message are you getting? What it says?

You can try to download the game again and install it to see if that works.

it say "Unable to preview .apk file. strongerbonds-PU…C.apk · 131.17 MB" , I have try it many times but can't work and can't open it file 

Try this: Reboot your device. Make sure you have enough space in your device (At least 200 MB). Then delete the game file you have in your device. Download it again and try to install it.

One question: Your device is a phone, a tablet or an emulator?

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ok I try and I'm device is a phone 

I have open of dropbox for file but it can't work again, too weird

I'm having exactly the same problem

The dropbox is not dowloading the file? Or what the error message says?

I post a pic in a message below. It must show the complete screen you have to find to download the file. If a icon in the end in the right part of it where you can download it.

You may see a way to find it. It say you can't  see the file but you can download it. Using the arrow icon next the register button.

Maybe you could use a computer to download it and transfer to your device. I am using a tablet here after all.