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A member registered Jan 21, 2019

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沒事^^ 我會一直等更新這遊戲,因為我喜歡回音汉化組這遊戲^^

My phone is Galaxy A9(2018) and I download it of time but can't open it game file

Why can't play it Android game file ?

I love it game so much and it amazing game, I look forward to continuing to update this game :)

No free download it game ?



I hope u can make Android download game, I waiting can Android download it game 

How long can make it Android download game ????

I have open of dropbox for file but it can't work again, too weird

Wow I love it game so much,  it very nice and hot of furry game,  I can't wait it continued and update it game  😊😊😊❤❤❤

I want to Android download game pls ? thank you


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ok I try and I'm device is a phone 

it say "Unable to preview .apk file. strongerbonds-PU…C.apk · 131.17 MB" , I have try it many times but can't work and can't open it file 

How u can play it game ? u phone is Android ?

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How about can't open it file game problem?

oh so can you help me how can work of it game please ? thank you

Hi , I want to know why can't play it game of Android ?


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哦,但我有HSCB沒有VISA 😅😅😅😅

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嗯,但购买是在美国的錢可以买這遊戲(完整版),我沒有美金买 😕😕😕

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我喜歡這遊戲,我希望你盡力完成完整版遊戲!我會等你!😊😊😊 這試玩還可以

oh ic, I hope it can work happened

I want to Android download game please,  thank you

ok got it, I can wait it update 🙂

I want Android download game pls,  thank you 

Fighting 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

I can't waiting update it game 

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Wow it so cool and nice furry game,  I can't wait for update it game

I love it game 

got it , I know it very difficult to do and I'm sorry make you feel differently and tried to u

oh ok thank you

I want to need Android download please , thank you 

how long can make Android download ? tell me please,  thank you 

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I what to Android download it game please,  thank you 

I will waiting can Android download game 

it okay,  I know it very difficult,  I don't mind wait update game

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did it can update game ? so long days no update it game,  I wait for update it game 

I want to Android download game, so I waiting for have Android download 

oh ok thank you so much