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how ? I hv do it before but can't work.....I don't know how to make it

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I wish in one day can Android download it game

how can get a 1 cumtastic pill ?

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25k DR ? right ?

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how many money can pay give to him ?

I hope can Android download it game

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so difficult find Wuldon , where is lusterfield farm ? can you help me find?

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thank you but how many days Vurro will wakes up in Wuldon home ? also where is Forgotten Sanctuary place ?

which choice ?

How can save to Vurro werewolf ? I don't want to kill him

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can't download free it game 😢😢😢 because it need buy will can download it game 

can't free play it game 😢😢😢

who knows it password ? can u help me ?

Thank you so much 😊

Can't Android download it game ???

please help me how make can work ?

I want to Android download it game pls 


ok , thank you for help 

how can make it right answer food ? who can help me pls ?

I want to Android download it game pls

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I love it game and can't wait continue update it game ❤ I will always support you and support the game!

我起喜愛這遊戲和期待更新遊戲 ❤我會一直支持你和支持遊戲!

I can't wait to it game update 

我會支持你,我相信有一天會能出Android 版本 😊

oh need wait to update,  will can get skill

in Sebas Shop can buy skills ? if not , where shop can buy skill ?

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how ? I can't get new of 3 skill (Alluring Lust) now,  I don't understand 

How can get 3 Skill System? can you help me pls ? thx

how can move 21 steps ? who can help me ? I don't know how to move 21 steps to the finish line 😭 help me pls , thx


I want to Android download it game pls,  thx

我想要Android 下載這遊戲,謝謝

I want to Android download it game pls,  thx

I want to Android download it game pls,  thx

而且我已經追隨這遊戲,我很期待可以用Android 玩與更新 😊 我會支持你!😊

未有安裝Android, 我會等🙂

I can wait it update "Interea" 🙂

I love it games so much ❤❤❤

it game I hope can be Zhokhar make a my boyfriend 

I can't wait it continue update it game ! I love it games ! I will waiting for update it game !