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Don't worry. Just one more update and you will know how this chapter ends. I'm glad you are very into the story and thank you so much for every of your comments.

Eu realmente aprecio seu comentário e estou feliz que tenha gostado

Hello! I posted version 1.14 today! Sorry for the delay!

Eu não falo português mas espero que você entenda: A nova atualização já foi publicada. Agradeço por ter jogado o jogo e espero que goste da nova versão.

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Hello! Thank you so much for you comment! I'm glad you are enjoying the story!

And I will appreciate a lot you help with the errors you have encounter in your experience with the game. You can use this form to suggest a correction or at least help me find the lines with mistakes. Link:

Thank you again! I wish you a great day!

Yes, it is a NSFW visual novel. You have to be +18 years old to play it.

My apologies. Version 1.16 is in reality version 2.0. We'll change that as soon as possible. We jumped from version 1.15 to version 2.0 as we began with Chapter 2 last month.

If you join patreon now, you'd get the next version on May 31st but you wouldn't get the latest verdion. You have to be a patron before we post an update there to get that update. We post updates on the last day of the month. We do that as we don't want to charge upfront in case we don't have ready an update for that month.

Just wait and see! Chapter 1 is just a few updates away from being done (until version 1.15) and then we will start Chapter 2. And yeah, that wolf seems to be very mischievous.

Yes! In the future he will have a story line (kinda like a simultaneous route) just for his... adventures.

Right now no. You'll have to wait until that story line develops more.

Just wait to see what happens in the second chapter, which begins after version 1.15

Robert's boyfriend is Ryan, the purple bull.

All of them are my characters, except for Kody. And I love them all!

Hello! Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like the story so far! And I guess you are referring to MisterStallion's comics. I'll let him know you are a big fan.

Hello again! We upload the file again to see if that fixed the issue. Please check it whenever you can.

Hello! Thanks for the info. We're going to see what's the problem.

Hello! Each new version adds more story and more content. They are incremental.

Hello! Calm down! Nothing bad is going to happen. Tommy, the eldest brother, just found out about his father and he is very angry with his brothers but he is not going to make something crazy or bad. He might need just some time to process everything. Don't worry. In the next version you'll know more about Tommy and his father.

Hello! I have uploaded a tutorial on how to get it. You can find it on the download section.

Yes. It's an adult game.

Version 1.09 is free for the public since today.

I'll try to work on a list of the fetishes this game has or is going to have.

I'm glad you like it!

Yes! He is the artist. He is in the credits.

I'm glad you like this game so much. Thank you!

Hello! There is a scene selection that should help with that issue. I'm still trying to figure out what is causing that problem.

Maybe but it is most likely he would workout at least with a jockstrap on.

The game itself is not a dating sim, but in some points of the story I plan to let the players take choices for some characters in romantic contexts, resulting in forming a "love bond" or breaking one.

Hello! I'm glad you are still liking the story. In the future you'll get more answers.

Hello! I'll see what options are there for that. Meanwhile you can comment here your suggestions. I'd love any help I can get to find grammar mistakes.

What do you mean by romanceable?

Check here please:

I want to include one. I just have started researching how to do one so it might take a while to be included. But there will be a gallery in the future.

Samson and Tommy like to wear the fewer clothes they can. But they are not public nudists.


Version 1.06 will be out for the public at the end of September. Version 1.07 at the end of October. And the newest version, 1.08, at the end of November.

Maybe one day but a lot of things have to happen first.

Hello! Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like the story so far. And I hope you like what is coming!

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to add one for the next versions.

Hello! At some moments he is.

Hello. The game right now has a scene selection menu to skip to specific scenes. You can access to it through the main menu.