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I have 2 problems:

1 ) I had to guess the code for the room with the white, blue, and yellow sticks; am I missing something?

2 ) Once you enter the room with the giant blue circle-like shape, what do you do?


If you have to guess any solution, that means you've probably missed something that you might need to know for later - I'd recommend going back to that room and trying to find the solution the intended way. You need to use an item to find the solution.

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I’m absolutely stumpted. I’ve found what I think is a clue (the 4 levers/lights pointing in different directions) but I don’t understand the hint!


checking the map repeatedly might be good to figure stuff out :-)

Im sorry, but I still don‘t understand it! I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find any hints that I understand! What am I missing? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

use the scope in any possible direction :-)

Is the change that happens very noticeable?

Because I’m not too obesrvant


concerning the very first puzzle with the 4 levers:
just scope 2 rooms down. the answer should be obvious there.

for the next rooms: always check the map in the top left after every change.

2 of the rooms actually work together in a certain way.

I noticed that the corresponding symbol flashes blue.

Is there more for some of them?

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did you realize that the eye symbol was the one flashing in the beginning of the game?
and which room did react when you pulled the levers?

so I wonder what happens if another rooms symbol is flashing instead...
and you used the levers...

and always keep track of where everything is via the map on the top left.


If that's what I think, that isn't a clue. There is a solution to the code that should be very self explanatory when you find it. Anyway - the next thing you need to do is figure out what all the buttons in the blue circle room are doing. You need to observe what changes when you hit the buttons. It may look like nothing changes but something is happening!

So I changed the symbol from the blue circle to the ——| symbol, went to the corresponding room, (the one where you find the telescope) but I didn’t see anything different. I tried it with some other symbols too. What is supposed to happen?


okay, now I know a sequence of 3 different color settings.

not sure what to do about that though :-)



oh, I think I now get it! :-D

wait, I'll try a thing there :-)


i dont understand


Okay, just beat the game.
Was a really good game, even though I was almost too dumb for it at a few points.
or didnt use the thingie often enough :-)


im too dumb


Brothers In Arms :-)

too bad itch doesnt have private messages as I dont wanna show the solution to just everyone...