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What a great Celeste Mod! The "early" strawberries are quite hard though

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This game is great! took me 22 minutes! Only problem is the first winged strawberry level is near pixel-perfect. (I think, I didnt actually get it, but i had an idea of what to do) Otherwise a fun and challenging game!

Super fun! Once i understand the basic mechanics (successful punch lets you punch again) it was a breeze, yet still challenging! Really original idea!

Easily one of the best Celeste Classic mods I’ve ever played! Loved all the stuff you brought in from the real game! A great fast-paced challenging platformer!

Personal Best! :P

What an incredible game! Really loved the boss fights, the Numenas one reminded me of Undertale! However, the spider(?) kinda looked like a rock. Loved how you went back and forth multiple times! Waiting for Dungeon of Numenas 3!

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Loved it! Didn’t like that it said game over after you beat him. Really scared me

Incredible Game, love it! Really challenging and fun!

I noticed that the corresponding symbol flashes blue.

Is there more for some of them?


Is the change that happens very noticeable?

Because I’m not too obesrvant

what did you do once you entered the room with the giant blue circle in the center with the white light

im too dumb


i dont understand


So I changed the symbol from the blue circle to the ——| symbol, went to the corresponding room, (the one where you find the telescope) but I didn’t see anything different. I tried it with some other symbols too. What is supposed to happen?

Im sorry, but I still don‘t understand it! I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find any hints that I understand! What am I missing? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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I’m absolutely stumpted. I’ve found what I think is a clue (the 4 levers/lights pointing in different directions) but I don’t understand the hint!

I have 2 problems:

1 ) I had to guess the code for the room with the white, blue, and yellow sticks; am I missing something?

2 ) Once you enter the room with the giant blue circle-like shape, what do you do?