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Im sorry, but I still don‘t understand it! I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find any hints that I understand! What am I missing? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

use the scope in any possible direction :-)

Is the change that happens very noticeable?

Because I’m not too obesrvant


concerning the very first puzzle with the 4 levers:
just scope 2 rooms down. the answer should be obvious there.

for the next rooms: always check the map in the top left after every change.

2 of the rooms actually work together in a certain way.

I noticed that the corresponding symbol flashes blue.

Is there more for some of them?

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did you realize that the eye symbol was the one flashing in the beginning of the game?
and which room did react when you pulled the levers?

so I wonder what happens if another rooms symbol is flashing instead...
and you used the levers...

and always keep track of where everything is via the map on the top left.