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Which version of Windows?

windows 8.1

Yeah that might be it. I'll look into compatibility issues and solutions for that. Thanks for telling me :-)

Out of curiosity, can you give another game a try just to see if it crashes? Its my other game here and uses the same level loading system, but doesn't make levels:

I have played it, and it froze after a few minutes of playing it.

It looks like I need an export specifically for Windows 8. Well that's a surprise. Sorry for all the trouble. It might be a while.

Someone else with Windows 8 gave it a go as well. He had problems, so he found the .exe, right clicked it and went to compatibility and did Windows XP as an admin and it worked without errors. If you ever have the desire to try the game again, give that a go. If not, I totally understand :-)

I wonder what would happen If you tried removing the logo at the beginning, maybe that would do something? maybe.