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Welcome to the Controller Jam!
Your challenge is simple, make a game using one of the controllers specified below in the course of a few weeks. Obviously not everyone owns one of these controllers, so just use the specifications below for designing the game. For example, if you pick an NES controller, but only have an Xbox controller, you could use the joystick, X and A, and Start + Select.


NES controller - D-pad/Joystick, Start/Select, 2 buttons

Snes Controller - D-pad/Joystick, Start/Select, 4 buttons, 2 Shoulder buttons

Flight stick - Joystick, "Hat"( Tiny stick on top of Joystick) Fire button, 3 top buttons, 4 buttons on base, 2 sliders

Wheel - Wheel (left and Right), D-pad, 4 buttons, another 4 buttons, Select/Start, Down + Up buttons on the back of the wheel

Please add the ability to use the keyboard, and also to turn off controller support so that we can map our controllers with JoyToKey, seeing as most controllers have different layouts.


Must use controller

Must have ability to turn off controller support

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