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Hi, I've been playing up to chapter four and mostly enjoying it. IDK if it's my computer or what but after playing for a while the cancel button doesn't work and it softlocks until i restart my computer. I will likely finish it sometime but I thought I could give you my thoughts maybe?

-I thought the game was funny, it had some lol moments. I generally only play RPGmaker games like this where the characters banter back and forth often. Most of the more lewd jokes I didn't find offensive but they made me uncomfortable, I keep playing because the rest of it is funny.

-You can tell the translation is done by someone who doesn't natively speak English. It's still easy to follow and charming in a way. There are certain things that i didn't really understand, maybe they don't translate well over here? Specifically some of the insults that are slung around, such as pork fannies lol.. 

-The combat is easy to understand and not too difficult, sans for some bosses in ch. 3. I like that after so many random battles you won't get more, and you could just grind them out until the counter hits 0 with the fight! command in the menu. I also like the stat gain system. I feel it adds more power to your characters than equipment in general.  I personally think that some of the boss battles are a little too drawn out, particularly the ones at the end of and after chapter three, but this is a personal taste thing. 

-Parts that stand out in my mind:

The simple puzzles the characters have to do individually in chapter one.

Having the guy in chapter 2 not like your choices is a funny wall breaking joke.

Chapter 2 in general was pretty enjoyable, being all silly banter.

I love how the treasure comes from dead people in chapter 3, and the character's slow decent into thinking it's OK to loot the corpses. 

The story and dialog at the beginning of chapter 4. 

Overall I felt the story was more interesting as the chapters went on. 

So anyway, thanks for listening to my rambling. Good game, look forward to more. 


- So I looked into the cancel button bug. It seems like it's an RPG maker VX problem. The software sometimes go crazy if you have something plugged in a USB port, like a gaming pad or even a webcam. RPG maker can also bug if you are also running another program in parallel like Ragnarok Online for grinding  for example.

A possible fix would be to hold the Shift Key and then spam the X key on your keyboard until it works.

This bug really suck and it really saddens me that there's no fix to it. I'm very sorry for that! Still I'm thankful that you're willing to play the game despite this bug!

-  Translating is difficult. Like you said, I'm not an english native speaker. A lot of puns and joke made sense for french gamers. Maybe they lost meaning after it was translated in english?

I'm trying to translate using google but maybe it made the dialogs too robotic and doesn't feel natural.

Version Fille already had its reputation of being a really uncomfortable game in french because of its dark humor, to the point I had to put a "Not recommend for kids" warning. I tried to tone it down a bit with the english version but I guess it's still uncomfortable sometimes. Do you mind telling me which part you felt uncomfortable with? I might use that for the translation of the next chapters.

- A little tip to get more power would be to use the blacksmith more often. I was thinking of nerfing him because he made the characters way too OP. I actually tried to balance the boss battle with that in mind but maybe there's a better way to do that.


Thank you for playing! I'm really happy that you enjoyed the game so far! Feels like a bit of victory here.

Also thank you for your comment. I'll try to improve with that!

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the tip about the bug. I'll try that! I'll also sell my goods and use the blacksmith more! The part that seems uncomfortable is the a lot of the joking about sexual things with minors, eg the chapter two bar. I mean it's stuff that gets joked about on certain shows like south park for example. I wouldn't change anything because of my discomfort but you could always ask other people who play. I'm almost done with chapter four so I'll keep plugging away. Thank you!

Ah parce que tu traduis tes jeux avec de la traduction automatique?! 😨

Oh les pauvres joueurs anglophones, je suis bien content d'être français pour lire des textes intelligibles. 😁

About the "pork fannies" joke, I actually played the original french version a few years ago therefore I know nothing of the english version however I seem to recall a character asked "C'est quoi le rapport?" which means "What is the link?" in french, then another character thought they asked "C'est quoi le rat porc?" which means "What is the hog rat?" in french, that was a wordplay with the french words "rapport"/"rat" and "porc", "rapport" being the french word for "link/relation/connection", "rat" sharing the same meaning both in french and english, and "porc" being the french word for "hog" so the joke was that someone asked about a "rapport" as in a link between things then someone else thought they asked about a "rat porc" as in a hog rat, which is not even a thing. 😅