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I really want to play this, but it keeps not responding when I open it, any help?

You need an XBOX gamepad actually

Oh really? It doesn't work without a controller?

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I tried keyboard, it is not working, also tried PS4 controller with SCP Toolkit, didn't work either (

Actually, a keyboard works in all of the menus, but not during the match

I tried it with the Xbox controller and it has worked. Hope you manage to make it work! 


Yeah if you are using windows 10 right click go into compatibility will recommend to test it with widows 8, once it starts than save that as the preferred option. Hope that helps the game is fun! 

Ahh thanks for testing, I use Win7 myself so i didn't know that.. if you want to help, can you maybe send me the contents of C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\LocalLow\ProperlyDecent\Ballsy_WorldCup_2020\Player.log after a failed run? It would help me debug the problem!

You shouldn't need a gamepad, keyboard should do fine! So it's probably a bug.. sorry!

If you could share with me the contents of the file C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\LocalLow\ProperlyDecent\Ballsy_WorldCup_2020\Player.log after it fails starting, it would help me a lot!