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I really want to play this, but it keeps not responding when I open it, any help?

You need an XBOX gamepad actually

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I tried keyboard, it is not working, also tried PS4 controller with SCP Toolkit, didn't work either (

Actually, a keyboard works in all of the menus, but not during the match

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Ahh thanks for testing, I use Win7 myself so i didn't know that.. if you want to help, can you maybe send me the contents of C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\LocalLow\ProperlyDecent\Ballsy_WorldCup_2020\Player.log after a failed run? It would help me debug the problem!

You shouldn't need a gamepad, keyboard should do fine! So it's probably a bug.. sorry!

If you could share with me the contents of the file C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\LocalLow\ProperlyDecent\Ballsy_WorldCup_2020\Player.log after it fails starting, it would help me a lot!