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This game certainly needs some particles or other dynamic effects for better feedback. Also, would be good to have an option to close settings with a click outside the window. Maybe, add some display with your bought equity to get a feeling of increasing scale.

Thanks! Yeah, you're right, I think that this needs a little patch

Thanks for comment ) Actually, there's an AI switch in Classic settings

I think, that it would be nice to add a sound of jump and change the sound, when you fall on the floor and make it a bit softer. Maybe, some effects when moving, like particles coming from the bottom edge of the cube.

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Good parry-counterattack mechanic. Would be nice to have at least some basic placeholder sounds for actions. For now it requires you to imagine like you are a skilled swordsman who parries an enemy, he drops on the floor and you make a final devastating strike in complete silence, yep.

Now the game looks a bit better, also music sounds nice. Level 6 track reminds of Super Mario Bros for some reason, but on this level it takes a long time to wait for the platform in the beginning. Camera adjustments on some levels are good.

Cool soundtrack, really like it. However, Alpha Ray hurts ears ahah, but looks awesome. I would appreciate adding UI to show what weapon is chosen.

Maybe it makes sense to remake it in Unity or other engine with built in support of Android?) However, it's some tedious work

I see a blue bear, that is shaking it's ears, when you press LMB.

Actually, very cool pocket game. I like 1-bit visuals, music is simple, but feels good. As a time-killer for mobile can be very good.

I've returned to see more boxes and I was satisfied with my intention. 

Transitions and main menu are nice.

I liked the update, very fun. However, I think that grenade launcher should be more classic. If the grenade hits an enemy it explodes instantly. Also, lock-on system is not needed and buggy.

I liked the game, especially graphics and arenas, also music is really cool. Bonuses before the start are a good idea. However, can't say, that speed is useful. Shotgun is just bad. I would suggest speeding up player's bullets, because now they are too slow and it's not satisfying. 

It's cool, that you added a lot of different arenas, but it would be cool to fix barrel and spike wheel spawning for each level. For example, on the circle arena they just fall in the abyss. AI is often stuck in platforms and can't do anything.

Anyway, cool idea, can be a lot of fun. The game needs some gameplay and UI improvements )

Cool game, but controlls are a bit chaotic ahah. Very fun and creative )

If you check my page, I recently participated in Ludum Dare, so I understand that well ) Before Godot I tried a lot of things. I tried learning some programming  languages of different kind (Java, JavaScript, C++, Python). Made a Snake game based on clean Python in terminal with a tutorial. For engines, I started with Construct 2, tried to make a fast-paced platformer, then switched to Unity. There I made a top-down shooter prototype, also tried to make a game about processes happening in a cell (always liked biology). After all that I got to Godot.

Very cool looking game. I like simple, but polished minimalist games. Music and sounds are perfect. However, you tagged this as relaxing. I do not agree ahah.

Art and animations are cool. I think it's more comfortable to have an option to cancel crouching with sprint button, it's just an intuitive way to do it. Also, I really missed punch sounds, when you hit a target. Will be waiting for a demo)

I played the game and it's very fun, I like the cute artstyle and retro-like music. The gameplay is basic, but made well. I noticed, that there're are some white lines, which you can see in the backgrounds, I guess textures are not perfectly lined up. Also, shooting sounds get a bit annoying, because it's a lot of high-pitched pew-pew. Maybe, you should make a pair of new samples to avoid noticable repetition and lower the volume of shots. Overall, cool game, like it.

By the way, I started with Godot a bit earlier, there's a hidden project, which I never completed and I had another game in development, but I failed to make the idea interesting to play, so after that I decided to make something simple. I'm just starting out, so it's hard to finish something bigger than a small arcade game. 

No, I didn't know that Gogot had a Pong tutorial, I made my version completely from scratch without watching any specific Pong tutorials. Adding more post-processing effects is a good idea. Thanks for playing and extensive feedback.

The windows version requires other files like dll., MonoBleedingEdge folder and so on. The exe. only will not launch.

Hey there! You forgot to add other important files, the game is not launching. I want to do bang-bang and BOOM-BOOM with a spaceship, please call the motherbase to deploy the files )

Actually, I didn't) Yeah, it's opensource and it's cool that there're so few lines of code.

Hi there! The camera is better, but it's still hard to see the platforms. Also, I noticed a problem on later levels with disappearing blocks. They are hardly distinguishable from other blocks, so a player can easily miss that it's a fake one and fall.

Cool little game, actually it was more satisfying to just look at the system, spinning. I thought about making a version with customizable number of planets, random events like comets and meteorites that slowly pass by to make looking at this more satisfying.

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I played the game a bit. Looks cool, sounds good and movement mechanics are well made. The only thing is that I think the game needs a tutorial level or some other first level, that teaches all the starting mechanics properly. For example, I died several times before understood, that I need to use restler kick, when jumping over the pit. It would be cool to have a level, that shows the mechanics one after another in a safe environment. 

In addition, sometimes enemies are hardly distinguishable from the background. The first mushroom you encounter can damage the player, because one can't see it. It was with me, as I enjoyed speeding up and running fast and didn't notice how I was running into that enemy. They should be made so, that a player certainly can notice them. Same goes to slimes, which are green on green background.

About dying. If the game is hard and you die often, game over screen should be skippable or really fast like in Super Meat Boy. For now it gets annoying, especially because of one-shot spikes and pits.

Overall, a fun platformer, will certainly play it more later.

Hello! Got some fun playing your game, as I like top-down shooters. Visuals are neat, but maybe there's a bit too much of bloom. Wall impact effects are nice, but enemy destruction animation is not really satisfying. There's a weird thing about the game, some things feel reversed. HP bar is filling and when you shoot, your muzzle is getting longer, not shorter, which would be more logical. It's like in artillery, when it shoots, the muzzle punches back. Also, it would be good to have some UI, displaying reload for shotgun and rocket launcher. And yeah, rocket launcher actually shoots unpredictable, sometimes it even shoots from my back. Overall, looks good, but needs some little improvements.

Oh god! Revolver UI, that's amazing, I've been waiting for it for so long. Actually, I've been waiting for the Shark canon UI )

It's very interesting to play your game. Power-ups are fun, UI update is good, now it looks much better and main menu is nice. I think that the game needs just more content and polishing in some things. 

For example, sometimes I notice that bullets hit walls in a way, which doesn't feel right. Especially often it happens on corners, sparks emit a bit away from the wall. I thinks it can be easily fixed by changing wall's hitboxes a bit.

I think the game lacks some satisfying particles like small blood drops that fly from the zombies, bullet shells, dropped mags, parts of meat flying off the zombies or something alike. Just to make shooting feel really good. You can make blood pools, that you have now lie a bit longer and not disappear after few seconds. Also, make them darker, now the are very bright I think. 

Making bullet projectiles a little bit more distinct from background can help seeing, what direction are they flying, that can make shooting more satisfying, because you will see how they hit enemies.

For quality of life, maybe it would be nice to have autoreload, it's sometimes frustrating to click and understand that you didn't reload. However, if you don't want to have autoreload, you can add a clicking sound for empty mag and also it's cool to have shot sounds for nearly empty mag, like it is in CS GO. It's just for understanding that you're almost empty. Sometimes it's hard to look at the ammo UI. 

And yeah, about ammo UI. I thought about adding bullet counter near the crosshair, for example a half-transparent circle, similar to what is in Half-Life 2. 

Probably, you can add a slight screen shake when shooting for more impact. Also, this way you can make weapons more distinct from one another and make the player understand that some weapon shoots heavy rounds, shoots slow/fast or deals more damage or less.

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Thanks for playing) Actually, I missed some things when exporting the last update, so the instruction in the beginning is already there, but not showing (will fix that later). The ball is speeding up over time, I think that I will change the default pad speed. I will add more pads and maybe something for advanced customization. Online multiplayer sounds like pain for me, I thought about it already, but it will be a challenge. Maybe, sometime later hah. Again, thanks for checking the game out)

Wow, that's a pretty big update, the size of the file shows it well ahah. Definitely want to check the power-ups out.

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My engine of choice is Godot, it's actually very easy to pick up and it's fast enough. The thing is that it's good for 2D games, but not for 3D. For drawing pixel-art I use Aseprite, because it's comfortable and feels good. Audacity to edit sound, SFXR/BFXR for randomized 16-bit sounds, Krita for editing screenshots and thumbnails, Bosca Ceoil for music, easy to learn, but powerful enough.

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I played for some time, you can make something interesting from this concept. I think that the movement doesn't feel very good, especially when you hold two buttons, the character often moves straight and not diagonally. I guess it can be fixed by summing movement vectors or using some other code in movement. This situation usually happens when using if-else system. In my devlog you can find a comment in discussion about smooth movement. It's for Godot Engine, but maybe you can use that in Unity 

Also, the game lacks some impact, for example some satisfying particles when shooting and destroying blocks. Maybe, I would make shooting direction separate from movement direction. For example, movement is WASD and shooting is left/right arrows, because now it's not comfortable to aim. 

And in a lot of cases you put a bomb near a big cluster of blocks, it blows everything up. After that it's easy to prevent aliens from building something, especially when you killed the builders, so the game becomes boring and you just wait for the timer to go off.

I banged and pow-powed zombies for some time. Weapons look funny, it's a pitty that they don't have unique effects. Revolver animations look cool in Re:Write'n version.

I guess that you want to have some cool 2D combat mechanics. For now the prototype is very crude, but you can add some particles for combat. Also, camera shaking is not really pleasant, it's too big and it's more of rotating. And, maybe, it's better to have a roll animation for dodging rather than dashing, because I think that a dashing pirate looks weird. Anyway, I'll follow the updates.