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Can we get a downloadable version?


If you own Pico-8 you can find cart for this game here:

I don't even know what Pico-8 is, I'll look it up on Google later.

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Pico-8 is a simulated 8 bit microcomputer. It's kind of a programmers' learning tool, with a focus on game development. You can make chiptunes with it too. I think you can play most of the cartridges in your browser if you don't own Pico-8.


Ah, thank you.

You can download the game using the App.

I'm pretty sure I tried that but it didn't work.

A number if games don't work when downloaded from the itch Desktop application unless you also have a prerequisite application, driver, etcetera — and a number of titles don't download at all through the itch Desktop application at all due to filename limitations on windows and other errors.

But thank you for the suggestion, the attempted help is appreciated.