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Sweet. Love the animation on the pilot.

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The notes hit me soooo hard. Great game.

This game has somehow burrowed into my brain. It's been months since I first started playing this and I can't stop.  I started taking notes and making a spreadsheet. The *only* thing that could maybe make this better is a sandbox mode. Six six-sided stars!

This looks really interesting, great concept. Sadly no PC. 

What are you other favourites?

This is good to know. I keep getting vampires on the first or second pick and it feels like there's no strategy, winning is just dumb luck.

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A bandit shot an exploding barrel, killing me and another bandit, and the force of the explosion blew a bear track back to them, killing them. So everyone died. That's just a wonderful game moment right there.

Very fun, great concepts. The use of bullets as direction, and rotate each turn, and managing movement/reloading is really clever. I wasn't always sure which way the barrel was turning and why, but presumably I'll figure that out on further plays. Only bug I got was a level reloading multiple times before deciding on a layout. I got it a few times, but nothing game breaking. Amazing this was made in just a week. Kudos!

Nice concept. It was interesting to see what emotions it created. Do you say, "if you're going to run away if I try to engage you, I'm going to ruin every single pack." Or, "what's the point of trying to engage, you know they'll all run away."  I kept hoping one square wouldn't run away, but sadly that wasn't the case.

A nice end to the triology!

It took me a minute to figure out what I was lugging. Nice story!

A fantastic no-stress puzzle game, the challenge is perfect. I absolutely love the peaceful beach sounds. 

A very tight little poem of a game. Game as short story. I loved it.

This is a cute little game. I really liked your cutscenes!

Both good things to know, thank you!

Definitely recommend looking it up, there are a lot of gems.

Thank you! It goes by very fast. This game is bonkers out of context.

I have no idea what's going on. I could only use the squirrel before ringing the bell, which gets beaten by the other cards pretty quickly. Then you choose from two stacks, one are the cards you can't use and the other is a squirrel. So I got another squirrel, they beat that, a candle burned down and some fish lit up. Then there was another screen with a map of paths in  the woods, but all you can do is press up. Sometimes the map would change, sometimes a card would increase it's number, and sometimes you'd go back to the fish candle screen.

Does anyone describe how to play this?

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Excellent tension, a great balance  of difficulty and reward. I always felt that things were one step ahead of my upgrades. It has a bit of a Hotline Miami vibe. Haven't made it past 15 yet, hopefully on my next run.  (Man, effing 15...)

This is great. Great mechanics, though often I'll accidently switch off the engine when I mean to drop off a package, but that's me. The fact that you can drive on the ground makes me think you could expand on this if you wanted to, maybe add a ground collectable. I wonder if it was inspiration for Geographical Adventures, which just came out:

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Whirlibird looks great! Sadly I game on a mac... Haven't heard of Cyclone before, but it looks great. So many mostly forgotten but interesting concepts.

Great little puzzle game. Tough but not impossible and super fun graphics and concept. I had 44 barks. Is that good or bad?

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I love how the snowball stick when it gets bigger, really gives it the weight. Delightful little game, fun prize. 

It's a loop, that's the impression I got

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Great little game, some hints of old Adventure titles, and I really like the visual style and the minimal controls.

Regarding the second generator, there's a dead person with a note that says they barricaded a door "opposite the vending machine" and there's another hint about "under the stairs."