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Delphius ex Tempor

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I respect your ambitions, and the time you take will be worthwhile. Thanks for keeping your work in your own hands.

Excellent work. Thanks for feeding the machine.


It feels like a de-make of Ruiner. Similar theme. I enjoyed the boss dialogues. This game is rad. I would like a red, amber, or switchable monochrome gameboy to play it on.

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Your update was well-timed. Consumers is the name of my home's electricity provider, and I stayed up last night to make sure I called early enough on my delinquency shut-off date. I think I played your game in an anthology or game jam collection, and then bought the soundtrack on bandcamp. Thanks for your work.

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NES-001 and an Everdrive N8 Pro. checking the O.S. version... 2.11 from December 2021.

I never got it to work. I'll try again since it's been updated.

I'm about to play this. I just have to praise your text intro.

I tested it on an eager human specimen with native hardware this morning. The results were satisfying. We'll try 2 player next time.

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Congratulations and Thanks for following through on you bold endeavor. This is fantastic.

I finally got my Everdrive so I can play this on my authentic NES. This is a glorious work of art.

Super rad. I like the music and vector effects in your games.

mmmm, yes. thank you.

Beautiful work.

Haha yeah. That's a juicy one.

Good luck with the E.U. and industrialized cannibalism.

The title image seems appropriate to the difficulty of the game and the symbolic irony of trying to beat a bloodsucker by wit or luck. You have to stake them in the heart because they should always outwit you. Either way, I'm terrible at cards and this is a very pretty game. Excellent work so far.

Congratulations. Letting twitch viewers torture the stream host player seems wonderful.

Glorious. Most excellent.

This seems like the kind of game your handler will make you play if you're an overworked mercenary.

Thank you for more signs of life.

Hate the protagonist. Love the locals.  Noita is bad guy. I love this game so much! Give Havis Amanda a kiss for me.

medication is bad, though. witches, all of them. poison and deception in everything offered. welcome back to the manifold consequence of interminable corruption that is politely called "reality." there is no greater insult to the sum of the human condition and a hope of human dignity than to be told that your thoughts or expressions are "dangerous." they are merely evidence. they are merely a consequence of your experience. You're not sick. You are a human being and the world has poisoned us all.


That Which Is Uncool

I haven't tried your game yet, but I'm here to tell you that I love you. Thanks for all of your creative effort. This message was brought to you by Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA and Dorksided Skittles. I'm an amateur patron of the arts and I get paid on Friday.

Super enticed.

Your drawings look nice.

Please don't put too much sauce on your rice.

Seriously, though. I hope you are still alive and making something because you rock more than you know.

So far so good. Thanks for publishing your work.

You are amazing. This may have to be the first title I try from you because it showcases the immersion of your design work.

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I like your page styling and the fact that you have made your game cross-platform. I'm looking forward to buying this when I can get away with it. Thanks for all of your extremely evident effort and consideration.

That is awful. I hope you're getting acquainted with a comfortable Linux environment.

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I really need to make some time for all of your flying games. I like your aesthetic choice here.

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Pico-8 is a simulated 8 bit microcomputer. It's kind of a programmers' learning tool, with a focus on game development. You can make chiptunes with it too. I think you can play most of the cartridges in your browser if you don't own Pico-8.

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These details are enticing. Thanks for including more fan art.

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I'm so sorry to hear that. At least we can still play earlier versions which were once innocent to this new world of king koopa's strange days extravaganza. I'll feel better if you add a gnarly biker moustache too. ;-) Independent of the masks, of course.

The fan art is delightful.

This game is fantastic. I'm so glad to see signs of life here! Thanks for the update.

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Or at least a 32 bit dx-whatever. Wine friendly for a Linux nub.

Duuuude! I love Pico-8 and Shiren the Wanderer, so you've got me.

Groovy! Any relation to the bassist Stuart Hamm?