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Hey sorry for the delay but it's come to our attention that we're unable to issue you a refund on our end!

You'll need to contact support directly here on itch. 

Here's also some more information on how refunds are handled which should help you out.

Hope that helps! :)

- Miracle Tea

Thank You for working with me.  There is no information about getting a refund at the 'contact support' link.

 Actually, they said on the 'more information' link:

If a seller wants to issue a refund, there currently isn't a place in their dashboard to do it, they'll need to contact us to initiate it (please provide a purchase ID).

So it seems that you, the seller, must contact them.

Of course, I never used the game because I could not download it on my mac.  It has been years since I ordered a game for my Mac on a site that was not specifically a Mac site and it just did not occur to me to check this before I made my order.


Hey, sorry about the wait! We've been in contact with, you should have now been refunded.

Thank you! :)

- Miracle Tea

Terrific.  Thank You.  I did receive my refund.  I appreciate that you have helped me on this.  I am enjoying the lovely game on my iPhone.  Big Thanks!

That's great, glad to hear it! Enjoy the game. :)

- Miracle Tea