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Aw thanks so much! <3 It's great to hear that you played it all the way through. Keep an eye out for more of our games in the future. :)

- Miracle Tea

Ah thank you so much for the kind words and support, we're so happy you're enjoying the game so far! :D

- Miracle Tea

You're welcome! Ah thanks so much for the support and kind words, we really appreciate it! ♡

- Miracle Tea

Hey thanks for bringing this to our attention, appreciate it. This should all be fixed up now! :)

- Miracle Tea

The game feel and visual metaphors are very inspiring.

Disobedient Sheep is simply wonderful! A great one to break the ice with strangers or play with family and friends. Got a lot of enjoyment, child-like fun and good vibes from this quirky game. 🐑

Thank you so much for your kind words, this is lovely for us to hear! You can listen/download the soundtrack here if you're keen! :)

You're welcome!

You're welcome! :D

You're welcome! :D

Thank you for making this, it's beautiful.

So good.

Beautiful concept for a game, much respect. <3


Love this, the colours and style are spot on.

Love the clean minimal design, nice work! :)

The art and animations is so sick!

Congrats on launching this! The game is wonderful, we love your work. :) 

So sick, love the gritty art style!

Ah thank you so much for the kind words and support! Means a lot. :D

This looks beautiful.

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Feel free to add Ruya, a game about dreams and motherhood!

Ah thank you so much, we're glad you think so! :)

- Miracle Tea

Ah cheers man! :D

Aw thank you much for playing it! :D

- Miracle Tea

You're very welcome! :D

Thank you so much for uploading a gameplay video. We love it, good luck with your channel! :)

- Miracle Tea

Ah you're so very welcome, thanks for playing! :D

- Miracle Tea

That's great, glad to hear it! Enjoy the game. :)

- Miracle Tea

Hey, sorry about the wait! We've been in contact with, you should have now been refunded.

Thank you! :)

- Miracle Tea

You're welcome! Thank you so much, our sound designer is a real talent. :)

- Miracle Tea

Hey thanks for reaching out, we're always happy to help!

So during each level, 3 hidden flowers get assigned to character pieces at random.  Each level has a total of 3 hidden flowers and players must go out of their way to discover these.

Hope that helps!

- Miracle Tea

Yup! Ruya will be up on Android very soon, we'll give you a nudge when it goes live. :)

- Miracle Tea

Thank you so much for playing Ruya, glad you liked the game! We did in fact know the meaning in Turkish, its meaning was an inspiration for parts of the game. :)

- Miracle Tea

Hey sorry for the delay but it's come to our attention that we're unable to issue you a refund on our end!

You'll need to contact support directly here on itch. 

Here's also some more information on how refunds are handled which should help you out.

Hope that helps! :)

- Miracle Tea

Hey there, we'll look into how we're able to issue a refund via itch as this is something that we've not done yet. Is it possible to get an email that you made the payment to us?

Ruya is currently free to play on the iOS App Store so you should be able to play it there from your iPhone. :)

- Miracle Tea

This is amazing! Big fan! :D

Hey thanks for the kind words about Ruya. Means a lot. :) This is something we'd potentially be interested in depending on the project and its intent. For business enquiries feel free to ping us an email:


- Miracle Tea

Woah thank you so much for uploading a video playing through of Ruya - good luck with your channel! We're really glad you enjoyed the game and appreciate the kind words. :)

- Miracle Tea