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Miracle Tea

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Thank you kindly, glad to hear your enjoyed the game. Each level has the possibility to find 3 'hidden flowers' on specific puzzle pieces. You have to swipe the pieces before the level ends in order to get all 3 flowers per level. This could be the reason you're at 77% after a complete run. :)

Thank you kindly! :D

Thank you kindly! :D <3

Awesome, all sorted! Apologies for the delay.

Thank you kindly.

Hey! Very sorry we missed this are we too late to approve? D:

Ah thank you so much, stoked to be a part of the bundle. :)

Happy to include Ruya in this :)

Aw have confidence! It's all subjective. :)

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We're a pro-animal rights team!

Ah thank you so much! Tell your friends. :)

- Miracle Tea

Thank you! :)

Hey FOUR_44, 

Ruya on Android is here for you:


- Miracle Tea

Hey Hatsaru!

We've re-uploaded the build for you as we're not too sure if this was an mistake on our end or yours. 
Let us know if that works or if you run into any more problems. Sorry for any inconvenience! :)

- Miracle Tea

Aw thanks so much! <3 It's great to hear that you played it all the way through. Keep an eye out for more of our games in the future. :)

- Miracle Tea

Ah thank you so much for the kind words and support, we're so happy you're enjoying the game so far! :D

- Miracle Tea

You're welcome! Ah thanks so much for the support and kind words, we really appreciate it! ♡

- Miracle Tea

Hey thanks for bringing this to our attention, appreciate it. This should all be fixed up now! :)

- Miracle Tea

The game feel and visual metaphors are very inspiring.

Disobedient Sheep is simply wonderful! A great one to break the ice with strangers or play with family and friends. Got a lot of enjoyment, child-like fun and good vibes from this quirky game. 🐑

Thank you so much for your kind words, this is lovely for us to hear! You can listen/download the soundtrack here if you're keen! :)

You're welcome!

You're welcome! :D

You're welcome! :D

Thank you for making this, it's beautiful.

So good.

Beautiful concept for a game, much respect. <3


Love this, the colours and style are spot on.

Love the clean minimal design, nice work! :)

The art and animations is so sick!

Congrats on launching this! The game is wonderful, we love your work. :) 

So sick, love the gritty art style!

Ah thank you so much for the kind words and support! Means a lot. :D

This looks beautiful.

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Feel free to add Ruya, a game about dreams and motherhood!

Ah thank you so much, we're glad you think so! :)

- Miracle Tea