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Thank You for working with me.  There is no information about getting a refund at the 'contact support' link.

 Actually, they said on the 'more information' link:

If a seller wants to issue a refund, there currently isn't a place in their dashboard to do it, they'll need to contact us to initiate it (please provide a purchase ID).

So it seems that you, the seller, must contact them.

Of course, I never used the game because I could not download it on my mac.  It has been years since I ordered a game for my Mac on a site that was not specifically a Mac site and it just did not occur to me to check this before I made my order.


Hey, sorry about the wait! We've been in contact with, you should have now been refunded.

Thank you! :)

- Miracle Tea

Terrific.  Thank You.  I did receive my refund.  I appreciate that you have helped me on this.  I am enjoying the lovely game on my iPhone.  Big Thanks!

That's great, glad to hear it! Enjoy the game. :)

- Miracle Tea