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I am terribly sorry, Cynothus and Cogito:

wait wut xD

oh btw what's the highest you can get to... WITHOUT UPGRADES

I dunno, maybe to level 3 or something like that XD. BUT, try and beat my score. *insert Commentatron's muahaha*

I will, as soon as you reach diamond without upgrades... which isn't really too hard.. you should be able to handle it :/

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20 without upgrades but its hard as **** when it comes to level 2 jetpacks and level 3 hammers and jetpack hammers i was litterally just screaming at my friend the whole time LIKE ALL I SEE IS DEATH

wow like wtf... did you cheat?

Nope, just a random luck spike. I guess. IF I cheat, it's to test new upgrades out, but when I do it I call the robots TestBots. So their score is rejected

I didnt beat you

But look at the improvement on the right