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is Archibald (the librarian) ever going to be a route?

huh, i was wondering about that too.


From the FAQ posted on the main page.

Is “INSERT CHARACTER OTHER THAN RICHARD” going to have a route or be dateable?

Side-characters and cameo characters (such as Bam, Azaghal, Carson, Dr. Tora,Reggie,Tai, Boulder or Grant) will never be dateable routes.  I do not own those characters, and will not be putting funding towards having more art done of them. The primary focus is towards my main cast of characters.

oki doki

Who's carson?

Play Chester’s route.

the crow one?

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No, Carson is the guy you hang out with at the con.

The crow is me, that’s why I’m using that sprite as an icon. 😅

Aaannnnd you are Reggie, i'm sure.

i've played Chester's route plenty of times for me to remember that.

Although i am not familiar with Boulder, though.

Boulder is Archibald the librarian. He’s one of GerBear’s characters from See No Evil, where he’s also the librarian. In SNE his name is actually listed as Boulder; I suspect it got changed for EA sometime after Dyne wrote the FAQ.