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Just so everyone is aware, the developer is taking a mental health break according to there twitter. 

I hate it so much 10/10 I cant wait for the next update where I can be sad about a dog and his crumbling social lif

Would love to have a way to transfer my data to each new update, I do not like how I have to start from the beginning every new update :(

Zoroark would be amazing!

I have to say I highly enjoy it so far, and the atmosphere is extremely off putting in a perfect way, The only thing I was hoping while reading was a good look at the main character, but thats not a huge issue. Im excited for future update :)

Great Horror so far and it draws you in very easily. My hearts still racing and its just the first build.

Im so excited that this visual novel is continuing, I really love the story so fa

I used to be horny before playing this game, Now I have A S C E N D E D.

Okay this game is fun and all, but am I the only one that feels its super hard?

OMG the new sprites are amazing!!, Also the update to Toms route makes me love Tom alot more than I originally did. Keep up the good work!

Hey is this visual novel still being made, and if it is, do you have a patreon, I want to support your work.

I just finished the small demo you have released and I loved it, the universe is very interesting and I love the concept so far, also the music traks are great, I can't wait to see what happens next, Great Job

I dont know if this is just a glitch on, But when I started the game with the Start, it took me to where I last left off on the other version of the game

Out of the many visual novels I have played this one is quite possibly the most messed up One I have read so far. The character designs are quite interesting and I really enjoy the story so far, I love the general concept so far, keep it up I really look forward to see where the story is going to go!

I really like the atmosphere and the characters themselves seem intriguing, I am looking forward to reading more, good job on creating this!

Nope, just close and reenter then it will tell you stuff

I have no clue, I really hope he is doing okay though.

The writing in this is really good and I did get really invested in the story, I like all the characters so far, my only critique for this visual novel is a small detail the fact that the main character never cleared up the fact that Phileo was forced to ask about the underwear with Leo, oh and the fact that sometimes the main characters name resets to Ludus at times. Other than that I love the story and characters so far, I am really exited for the next update!!

This games art style is adorable. The story is really interesting, Though I was really surprised that one option legitimately makes you die of old age, overall really fun  can't wait to play more :)

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I really like the story so far, but I am terrified what will happen that turns this from a fun little story to pure chaos and insanity.

Can we give Asterion a Saxophone?! Or a book of some kind?

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I can't seem to find any of the ingredients to wolfs bane, does anyone know how to obtain them? Edit: never mind I just found the in game guide, Thanks developers!!!

is Archibald (the librarian) ever going to be a route?

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When I first played this game I expected it to go badly and end up really dark (like Adastra, Echo, Repeat. etc.) and when I turned left the first time, I felt like it was going down that path. But then I played the rest of the demo and have not been more excited for a visual novel for a long time. All the characters are lovable and the main character is such a lovable character.  I have never enjoyed a visual novel as much as this one.  Thank you Monchimutt for such a enjoyable experience. 20/10

how do you activate the episodes? they still show up grey on the menu

where Do I find the dragon, I looked around for a while, but I am completely lost

Does Anyone know if or why the demo was delayed?

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I can't wait for this to update, I love the concept so far