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Dyne, can we get that big, toothy grin/smile that Chester and Dozer have for Spencer/Darius/Grifter?

Is Spencer supposed to look like that, I thought the artwork was changed?

so, basically that's a fat no on everyone else's part?

Harold is shy boi

Dozer is HUGE BOI

Chester is weeb boi

Dariusw is sleezy boi

Spencer is BEST BOI

Richard in Handy(man) boi

fight ME

wait, hold up, what do you mean by "lol" are you telling someone this or what? who asked when the updates come out for the public/patreon?

lol, is that what they call masturbation 


Then that could be in Richard's route, considering that both Harold and Richard are not gay, but bi, so Maria could end up with Harold while the MC ends up with Richard

Also, if you play each story the way they are, then it becomes clear that the story lines don't overlap, so that would only be a separate storyline. and let's not forget that the only male characters that are not gay are Richard and Harold, so if there is a route with Harold where Maria ends up with Richard, then, to me, it would make sense that there is a route with Richard where Maria ends up with Harold.

No, because Dyne has already made the route for Harold. And also, think about it this way. You only interact with Harold either during his route, or during anytime involving tennis. Spencer, on the other hand, Spencer is in every route more than he should be. and during each route the hint is dropped that Spencer is gay and likes you. If we were to go off how involved the character is with the MC, to me, it is clear that Spencer is the cannon story and Harold is the default story.

what i commented doesn't have anything to do with Harold's route, and you can already be with Harold. I don't understand the point of this comment, can you please explain it more so that I can understand it?

Plus, since Eric doesn't want his friends to find out he is homeless, it will be a distraction (at first,) and Eric will be able to hang out with both friends without any negativity, because (and i'm sure I am not the only one that feels this way, but) I seriously think that Spencer and Darius need to give it a second try, ESPECIALLY since they would have worked things out and are already weary into of Isaac's ways (of course, some of Darius' route would be intermingled in Richard's route, and I am not sure if that is more or less work on you since you already have that part of Darius' route programmed, or if it would be a completely different thing entirely.) Of course, they are gonna find out at some point, and then... whoa, sorry I just went in a trance there. But I really think that there should be a route where Darius and Spencer squash the beef between them and give their relationship a second chance, and I'm sure I am not the only one. And with Richard's route in the works(?), it would be the perfect chance!

@dynewulf I HAVE AN IDEA!!! What if, with Richard's route not even started, what if during Richard's route you are able to bring Spencer and Darius together, since in Spencer's route you are able to squash the beef between them, then why not them have a second chance, after all, the saying is "three strikes you're out" not two

OMG, that would be awesome if there was a threesome that was possible.

making sure, cause again, I kinda broke my laptop and had to get a new one, so for 2+ weeks I had no idea what was going on with the development of this game

wait, @dynewulf there is update 1.78 on patreon but there is only 1.75 here, im confused.

Also, is Richard's path in the works, it's been awhile since I've had a laptop (it broke but i got a new one) so forgive me

Another idea: when Grifter asks you for your birthday, and you put that your birthday is the day that you are currently playing it, then maybe Grifter wishes you a happy birthday

based off the interactions withing all the stories, I can say that I believe that Spencer is the cannon story.

Dyne, I got an idea for you, how about adding a mute option for WHILE you're playing the game, instead of having us have to go into setting to turn the music and sounds off every time

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on in a while, but my laptop broke a couple weeks back, and I didn't wanna go on this site using my college campus computer and get questioned, so now I got a new laptop cause my birthday is tomorrow and my parents decided to get me a new laptop. can't wait to see what's new in the game

Also, I don't remember if he said so or not, but it's Richard that's gonna get a route, I'm not entirely sure if Maria is owned by Dyne

Dyne, you really love those new expressions for chester and dozer, don't you? 

On another note, I didn't realize you could win the bet with Darius

does the QR code on Chester's student ID work?

I'm a little confused by Darius on this one:

On day 5, when you tell Darius not really to you trusting him, he says "By the way... What makes you think you're not just another target?" wouldn't it make more sense if it was "By the way... What makes you think your just another target??" or am I overthinking this?

Hey @Dynewulf I know that Eric is the canon name for the MC, but is there a canon story line, it didn't occur to me since I was always trying for specific things in the game, but now looking at the options, it's making me wonder, because on day 2, there are multiple options for Eric to go and find Spencer in the library?

Ah, I see, well, maybe with some of the characters, like Grifter and Darius, considering where Eric's relationship is with each character, as well as where you are in terms of the story itself, you know what I mean?

An example is with Grifter, Eric is in a relationship with him, they've fooled around, Eric got through 2 different relationship scares with Dianna (the bitch) they went on more than one date, and they've had sex, just how much more do you have planned?

In Darius' case, however, to two of them just made plans to go camping, where Darius has to get supplies and make plans (of course there is one thing I'm sure many of us are hoping will happening during this camping trip, but that's your decision)

I'm not saying that the story is too long, or that I don't love the stories, nor am I trying to rush you, I'm just saying that sometimes the story writes itself is all, and that less can be more

(Love the game, do your best, and i hope I don't sound like a dick)

Hey @dynewulf I was wondering, I read the update notes and saw that you fixed the interactive sex scenes with Spencer, Grifter, and Spencer, and also that Darius is on day 21. If you hadn't fixed the interactive sex scenes, how many days do you think you could have added to Darius' route? I'm just wondering since fixing the interactive scenes probably to up a chunk of you time, and I was wondering how many days you can usually get done with in the time limits you set for yourself with each character's story routes

I just had a thought: is anyone else a little curious how Spencer would react if he ran into Tai while at college, especially if the first night at Dynamite Springs left things awkward between you and Tai?

yeah day 17

I mean, that's obvious, but in this case, when I found out that Darius shows up at the movie theater, I immediately thought about when we later confess to Spencer that we went to Darius to find out if Spencer had feelings for the MC, and since the dialogue was slightly different based on your choices (which I found out the hard way) I thought that it might turn out slightly worse, considering how much Spencer dislikes Darius at the time (before Day 25).

 Also, I don't know how i triggered it, but I was able to tell Spencer that I loved him BEFORE the day that he cooks for us at his place, do you know if that is just something that happens randomly, or if there is a specific set of actions/choices that allows the MC to be able to tell Spencer he loves him before the night you have sex with him? I've been trying everything from the amount of time i take reading the dialogue to the order of choices that I make

idk how, but after i found out that you can bottom Spencer, I was able to bottom him first try, all I can say is that with also knowing the whole "confidence" points thing, my advice would be to save every time you have choices you think are crucial when it comes to things like confidence, teasing, or stuff like that. but for me, it was kinda obvious with most of the choices. Also, just be sure to read things through and be careful, and save often, I can't even begin to tell you how many times i accidentally picked the wrong choice and had to go back like 3-4 days just to get back to where I was.

Another thing to note, don't pick the movie theater as where you and Spencer go to date, Darius shows up.

well i know what im doing today, thanks for the tips

Is it me, or does it look like Grifter is always blushing when he appears looking right at us?

Am I the only one wondering if Tai is a top or bottom?? I know he isn't gonna get a route, but he's so huge that I can't help wondering

what is housekeeping again??? also, what/who is Jonathan King??? (there was one of the dates that was blank with a weird symbol and when I hovered over it it said Jonathan King) 

I just had a thought: If I remember correctly, Darius said something along the lines of his parents (along with his brother and sister) always being away for business, does that mean that they are never home, where exactly do the Maynors live, that would be something interesting down the lines of Darius' route, just seeing his parents or his grandparents house

please tell me that you're gonna have Spencer tell us how he got a job at Dynamite Springs. cause I'm trying to imagine how Spencer ended up there, and I can't come up with anything

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wait, a bonus CG part, is that a sex scene, is there currently multiple sex scenes with Darius??? or is there just the one after goinng with Darius to the movies?????

Is it harder to make something like this for iPhone, or is it just preference, I never understood that type of stuff

that's why I'm re-playing Spencer's and Darius' routes with my current demo, so I don't have low affinity, and I WANT Darius' love!!!