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Ok, i think i found the trick.

I downloaded a unity demo game, which works fine in 3D. At start i can select resolution and windowed mode (or not).
If i start in windowed mode and go to full screen with alt+enter screen blanks for 2 seconds, and 3D will be ok.

With your app changing mode with alt+enter i don't see black screen, the switch is immediately between fullscreen and windowed mode.

So it seems you don't use exclusive directx mode, which is needed for 3D, and i think this was the problem with my vsync tearing issue too.

"DirectDraw Exclusive Mode, an application takes exclusive control of the graphics hardware. This is useful for applications such as games" :)

Can you compile a new version with exclusive fullscreen mode?

See here

Build&run: don't select stereo and don't select windowed.

Much appreciated!

Thanks for the info.

I found an interesting thread, it seems like it is possible to force exclusive mode using command line parameters.

"Patch 5.3.3p2
Windows: Added a new command line argument for standalone builds: window-mode. Options: borderless, exclusive. It lets users override the default fullscreen window behavior.

Pass -window-mode=exclusive and enjoy adaptive-sync on any Unity game built on 5.3.4."

You could try that and see if it solves your screen tearing problem, and perhaps also makes it possible to use 3D.

Small correction :

You have to pass "-window-mode exclusive" in place of "-window-mode=exclusive" as command line argument to force exclusive mode and 3d stereo. I'm used to play on pc with a lot of 3d games and Freerider is pretty good. There is just 2 grey polygons along the horizon and Carpark is broken (mainly caused by lights and shadows I think) but it's still very fun to play like this.

Thanks you Freerider for this game. I can continue to test future updates in 3D if you want.

Thank you relaxfpv for this topic. (I'bought the game after reading it)

Glad you like it in 3D too :)

Sometimes i also see 2 grey polygons, but you can eliminate it by adjusting depth or convergence:
CTRL+ F3-F4-F5-F6, try with these keys!

Freerider also works with 3DTV Play, so you can play on ANY hdmi 1.4 compatible 3D display!
Resolution is 720p in 60Hz mode, but this still looks fantastic on my room wall with a cheap Acer 3D projector.
Another device is a passive LG monitor with the Zalman inf driver, so here i can use 1080/60 mode.

I thank you the developer agian, and hope the program will be even better in the future :)

Thank you for the tips to remove the polygons.

I play in 1080p/60Mhz on a GTX 970 + active monitor VIEWSONIC V3D245 and I keep 60fps all the time with highest graphics quality. Great !

The Carpark is more complex and there is no fix yet from the Helix mod community ( and the Bo3b's School for ShaderHackers tutorial is based on the Unreal Engine. I don't know if it would be helpful to fix broken 3d with the Unity Engine...

I will also look for a NVidia profile wich would help when I'll have time.