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Thank you for the tips to remove the polygons.

I play in 1080p/60Mhz on a GTX 970 + active monitor VIEWSONIC V3D245 and I keep 60fps all the time with highest graphics quality. Great !

The Carpark is more complex and there is no fix yet from the Helix mod community ( and the Bo3b's School for ShaderHackers tutorial is based on the Unreal Engine. I don't know if it would be helpful to fix broken 3d with the Unity Engine...

I will also look for a NVidia profile wich would help when I'll have time.

Small correction :

You have to pass "-window-mode exclusive" in place of "-window-mode=exclusive" as command line argument to force exclusive mode and 3d stereo. I'm used to play on pc with a lot of 3d games and Freerider is pretty good. There is just 2 grey polygons along the horizon and Carpark is broken (mainly caused by lights and shadows I think) but it's still very fun to play like this.

Thanks you Freerider for this game. I can continue to test future updates in 3D if you want.

Thank you relaxfpv for this topic. (I'bought the game after reading it)