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This is deffo a MUST play! I made a full 1 hour video on the game and the ending kinda got me a little emotional. Guys just go check this game out, big shout to Andrea Pignataro for making such great indie games for us to play and supporting myself and the channel too! Keep it up Andrea and thanks once again for making my gaming experiences awesome! :D

P.s - Be sure to check out the playlist at the end of the video peeps! its got all the games I have played of Andrea's so far! Enjoy! and remember to hit like if you did, share the video it helps get our video's out there, it helps more than you know!! and subscribe....IF YOU DARE. ;)

my video!

I edited your post to make the video go embedded.

Let me repost here my comment about your video. You deserve it.

At risk of repeating myself (and in this case it means that's a good thing) I can't THANK YOU enough for all the support, voice, time and space, you're giving to me and my games. Really, thank you. 🙏
Your ending words made me speechless as well. The greatest achievement was getting you emotional, because it was meant to. There's something about the game's story, visuals and sounds (including music) that it's designed to subtly permeate your mind. It's like a story told through emotions.
So, even if you didn't consciously get the whole picture, your mind (and body) did. And that's perfectly normal.
If I should give a hint about the story (just for the sake of completeness) I would say that some quite serious events happened before your current situation.
The key elements of those events are scattered throughout the dialogues and dreams.
Just keep in mind that emerald can also be a name...
Anyway, that's enough! ;)
This game is a lot different from "sleepthrough", but it shares the same concept of an unconsciously told story, which can be more powerful than a plainly scripted plot.
There are things that simple words can't explain. And that's the hardest part in designing these kinds of experiences.
What matters to me is to create something that lasts in the players' hearts.
Your feedback is surely one of the most important things that keeps me doing works like "The Corpse Behind The Window", because I know there'll be someone appreciating them.
Thanks again! 👋😉✌️


Ooooh I didn't know how to embedded it !??? xD but thank you! and I left you a message on my YT video but I'll post it here too :P

thank you man! this really made me happy after a really rubbish day xD yeah it was quite emotional towards the end xD and ohhhh I get yeah now! haha and I just wanted to say thank you too for supporting myself and the channel, really been loving your work and I look forward to more projects of yours to come! You're a brilliant games developer with such talent and great mindset for games that I believe you should have way more recognition! and I'll do my absolute best to keep sharing your games with my audience and more! You really do deserve it Andrea! keep it up! So looking forward to see what else you have in store for us gamer's! and I hope more and more people appreciate your games because they're so bloody good and original, you make my gaming experiences great with your games! xD you're awesome dude! :D big hugs!

You're truly talented and skilled and what you do and it even inspires me to want to create my own games, I'm learning how to use unity 3D (here and there when I have time) Like I said Andrea keep it up and keep being awesome! :D