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Ooooh I didn't know how to embedded it !??? xD but thank you! and I left you a message on my YT video but I'll post it here too :P

thank you man! this really made me happy after a really rubbish day xD yeah it was quite emotional towards the end xD and ohhhh I get yeah now! haha and I just wanted to say thank you too for supporting myself and the channel, really been loving your work and I look forward to more projects of yours to come! You're a brilliant games developer with such talent and great mindset for games that I believe you should have way more recognition! and I'll do my absolute best to keep sharing your games with my audience and more! You really do deserve it Andrea! keep it up! So looking forward to see what else you have in store for us gamer's! and I hope more and more people appreciate your games because they're so bloody good and original, you make my gaming experiences great with your games! xD you're awesome dude! :D big hugs!

You're truly talented and skilled and what you do and it even inspires me to want to create my own games, I'm learning how to use unity 3D (here and there when I have time) Like I said Andrea keep it up and keep being awesome! :D