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Very cool little game :) I made a let's play on this, it was short but sweet!^_^

I don't remember if I posted my video here or not so I'm going to anyway xD This is a good game and quite a challenge too which I like all though I sucked so bad at it xD

Excellent Lo Poly driving game by far that I've played! And you play as a Sloth... EVEN BETTER! I was challenged by a fellow youtuber and friend AstraVex to see how well I could do and well I think I did pretty decent...ish xD none the less I'll leave my video here so you guys can see the outcome :D Really fun game to play!

my video ►

Not a bad game, better than the so called horror game I played a few days ago. I liked the atmosphere it felt eerie but I thought there would of been more to the ending, I felt like it could of been better. Regardless it's alright for what it is. Anyway I say more in my video which I'll link below :)

Ooooh I didn't know how to embedded it !??? xD but thank you! and I left you a message on my YT video but I'll post it here too :P

thank you man! this really made me happy after a really rubbish day xD yeah it was quite emotional towards the end xD and ohhhh I get yeah now! haha and I just wanted to say thank you too for supporting myself and the channel, really been loving your work and I look forward to more projects of yours to come! You're a brilliant games developer with such talent and great mindset for games that I believe you should have way more recognition! and I'll do my absolute best to keep sharing your games with my audience and more! You really do deserve it Andrea! keep it up! So looking forward to see what else you have in store for us gamer's! and I hope more and more people appreciate your games because they're so bloody good and original, you make my gaming experiences great with your games! xD you're awesome dude! :D big hugs!

You're truly talented and skilled and what you do and it even inspires me to want to create my own games, I'm learning how to use unity 3D (here and there when I have time) Like I said Andrea keep it up and keep being awesome! :D

Haha glad you enjoyed! and yeah, damn chairs!! xD :P

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This is deffo a MUST play! I made a full 1 hour video on the game and the ending kinda got me a little emotional. Guys just go check this game out, big shout to Andrea Pignataro for making such great indie games for us to play and supporting myself and the channel too! Keep it up Andrea and thanks once again for making my gaming experiences awesome! :D

P.s - Be sure to check out the playlist at the end of the video peeps! its got all the games I have played of Andrea's so far! Enjoy! and remember to hit like if you did, share the video it helps get our video's out there, it helps more than you know!! and subscribe....IF YOU DARE. ;)

my video!

Very eerie and tense horror indeed! I may have to come back to this another time for sure. The scares I came across got me, especially the chair! a bloody chair! xD Anyway I made a video on it if you're interested in watching! great job and keep it up!

My video :

Aaaah I see thank you! :)

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A very short but sweet adventure puzzle game with a very eerie atmosphere at certain points in the game :) I miss spoke by calling this a horror/puzzle game in the video which was my bad lol. I got mixed up as I play a lot of the horror genre you see xD I really enjoyed this little game you have here, good job on it and keep up the great work!

My video :

Haha yeah no worries, you guys did a great job regardless, especialy scaring the shit outta me, 5/5 rating for sure! :D

This game put me on edge and I obviously was a tad confused on what to do but I will be coming back to this at some point. The monster and the atmosphere creeps me out man xD You have a great horror game here guys, very good concept and very different to the indie horror games I've played, you have a lot of potential i this game guys, good job! I'll be recommending people to play it and give their take on it!

I also made a let splay if you're interested :)

I was blown away by this game, very well executed! I'm not sure if I finished the game though.. towards the end of the video the game vanished. Not sure if I had to go back in to it and something else might of happened or not?? If so I might have to revisit this at some point and see what else will happen and what else to uncover! This is a bloody good game, you guys should be proud of your work!, it definitely gave me the chills!

Video! :D -

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Andrea, this game is amazing, it's obscure, unique and has such good atmosphere. I can see why this is your most biggest project you've worked on yet! and even though I've played quite a few of your games now, this one is your best by far and my most favorite too :P I always look forward to playing your games now because I never know what to expect, you keep on surprising me, and they get stranger every time and I like that. In fact I've enjoy the games that I've played from you that much, that I created a Playlist dedicated to your projects! :)

You did a great job sir! here's the video! enjoy! ^_^