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My name's Ross, I'm a researcher at the University of Liverpool, UK, and I'm contracted by Bloomsbury Academic to produce a book all about the use of ancient Greece and Rome in videogames. 

I hope its acceptable to you that I played and analysed your game (along with Skarn's Melos) as a case study in the book.

As well as letting you know my intentions, this is also a request for your permission to use images from the game in the publication. I manually took screenshots and use images from the game to support the analysis, and require your consent to use them in the book. 

I'm afraid I don't have any real social media presence, but I can trade email addresses if you'd like further information (the book's release date, ISBN number etc.) or have any questions.

I greatly enjoyed the game, by the way, and really, sincerely appreciated your thoughtful take on the Helen of Troy character :)

Very best,



Oh, oh wow. This is amazing??? Yes of course it's totally okay to put it in your book (!!!). I would love to know which book, so I can buy a copy! You can email me at ! 


Thanks for getting back to us! I'll throw you an email shortly :)


Where can I get this book


:) its not out yet, though its available for pre-order (its expensive, mind, being an academic press):

There's also a collection of papers in the same series, which I'm also in!

self-promotion, over