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I killed the bee by using terrain dice and honey to create a +43 slot, which I promptly use to grind her bee bones into dust. 10/10

oh that’s weird. That probably explains my situation though. Thanks!

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I don't have screenshots of earlier in this playthrough, but I did notice that the Supreme Court rulings never made any laws more liberal, even after I got the majority, and regardless of how they voted.

It's a liberal majority, the exact makeup is 3 L+, 4 L, 1 C, 1 C+. I think it might be interpreting their rulings incorrectly, because when they vote it often swings towards change instead of status quo, but those laws then become more conservative.

I think I've encountered a bug where the Supreme Court edicts are incapable of changing laws to be more liberal- they either change them to more conservative, or they don't do anything. Besides that, great job. 👍

it's free existential dread !

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I thought it'd be easy because I already know morse code, but it was kind of hard to understand when the other person was starting a new letter. It'd be nice to have an option to have a visual indicator of that. Other than that, this was a good game.

Is there a way to play this on windows?? If there is, I don't think it's working :((

I love this VN so much 🥰🥰 Thank u candace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whimsical and cute !

Where can I get this book

It's an idle game with similiar mechanics.

This is such a cute and witty little game, I definitely enjoyed it!

I adore this game!! even though it was made four whole years ago... Late to the party I guess? Initially I worried that I would find Helena difficult to sympathize with, but her characterization is genuinely one of my favorites from any retelling of any myth. Every interaction with Penthesilea really gave me a good impression of who they were and how genuine they were in their kindness to Helena, especially after living her whole life being judged by others. In short, thank you for making this!

This was brilliant ! I thought it couldn't be that creepy since it was all text, but you got me