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I tried the GitHub version as a plugin/addon for Godot and had a problem. Godot told me that had an error in the code when I tried to activate it. Any thoughts? I simply downloaded the master and put the addons folder into the project.


I don't remember if the plug-in version is still supported. Try loading Material Maker as a standalone tool by importing its `project.godot` file into the Project Manager.


Yeah, the project works. I was just hoping that the plugin would work, too. Thanks for the reply, btw.


Fixing Godot integration is my next task. The addon will provide an import plugin that generates SpatialMaterials from .ptex files (textures can either be prerendered, or generated at runtime). It will not be possible to run Material Maker inside Godot anymore.


Does that mean that the material code will be accessible by Godot Script and such or maybe editable in VisualShader?

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No. The plugin will just allow you to use .ptex resources as SpatialMaterials in 3D scenes.

Getting generated shader code should be easy (it's already possible manually using the Debug node), but I'm not sure how that could be used in Godot.