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The project is starting to look promising :)

I was wondering if you had any plans to open source GDSim, especially since it's distributed on a pay-what-you-want scheme right now (so there wouldn't be much to lose from a monetary standpoint). I've seen many people asking how to implement better vehicle physics in Godot, but figuring out the implementation by yourself is a lot of work. In this way, GDSim could be a helpful learning resource.

(Don't be afraid of your code looking unprofessional, it can always be improved in the future :))

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Is the issue with broken tangents on Godot's primitive meshes reported on GitHub? This was supposedly fixed in Godot 3.1:

Try the latest version (0.9). It uses a newer Godot version as a base, which fixes some crashes on startup with low-end GPUs.

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1. Download the Godot editor and export templates from (standard, not Mono).

2. Download the Material Maker source code and extract it:

3. Start the Godot editor. This opens the Godot project manager. Use Import to select Material Maker's `project.godot` file and edit the project.

4. Install the export templates TPZ file using Editor > Manage Export Templates... > Install From File... at the top of the Godot editor.

5. At the top of the Godot editor, choose Project > Export. Create a preset for macOS (more information). Export it anywhere on your filesystem.

6. Extract the generated ZIP by double-clicking it then run the generated .app bundle.

I don't remember if the plug-in version is still supported. Try loading Material Maker as a standalone tool by importing its `project.godot` file into the Project Manager.

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Thanks for your comment :)
I plan to continue working on the game and polish it further when I have more time.

This is a pretty cool concept :) I don't play turn-based RTS games often, but this was fun to play.

Works well with both Freedoom and original Doom IWADs.

Visuals seem a little dark to me though — perhaps a brightness slider would have been useful. Also, the music becomes too loud when it starts looping in Chromium 70, has anyone reproduced this issue?

Thanks for the comment :)

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to create more levels, so there are only 2 levels included.