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Please don't hesitate to join the Discord and describe what happens so I can investigate this...

Yeah, there are many problems with physics I must fix.

Beautiful and very relaxing.

Beautiful and very relaxing.

I love this! Where's the full version? Seriously, this gameplay has a lot of potential.

Oh, and very nice cover image. :D

Now this is unique, and strangely relaxing!
Now I want to test cloth simulation. ;)

Nice, I like the visuals! Didn't manage to kill the steel ball, though. Can we get armor piercing ammo or something ? ;)

Really nice! I expected motion sickness on that kind of gameplay, but was completely wrong.
Must now learn how to fly a hammer. ;)

Thanks ! I'll finish the game, then maybe create the video. ;)

That would require a "tutorial" (or documentation), but that's not in the scope of a gamejam I guess. I thought the fact you're sitting at the start and the obvious IEYTD influence was enough. ;)

It's not possible to move, indeed (since you can grab and move objects around).

Yes, didn't find a way to make physics work for objects we hold.

No, it's (supposed to be) a clue. Cookies are useful to survive, but not edible. :D

Material Maker is definitely not ready for a Steam release (especially on the painting side), but maybe one day...

Only .obj format is supported for now. This will change in next release.

Yes, there are a few brush presets (in the Brush panel) that show what's possible, and I guess the Stamp brush is a good starting point for you. Please don't hesitate to join us on discord if you have questions.

Hi! Please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord so I can investigate those problems and/or help you workaround them!

It should have been released in July, but there's still a lot of work. I'll post a devlov about this soon.
You can still join us on Discord and help test the alphas. ;)

It works under Windows, Linux and macOS.

Please don't hesitate to report problems.

You can create your own environments (using HDRIs that are available on Poly Haven, for example), and your own export targets.

Next release will use Godot 4.1.

If you can/want to install an older version of your drivers, it should work. Otherwise, 1.4 alpha/beta builds should be available soon for you to test. I'd suggest you join the Discord server to know when they're ready.

Which button?

It cannot be fixed (AFAIK) before switching to Godot 4 (which is what I'm currently doing). It seems the web version works (but it has many limitations).
You may want to join us on Discord so you can use early 1.4 builds when they are available.

There's a comparison operator in the Math node.

Is it the first time you run it? Did you use previous releases successfully?

Do you use displacement materials?

I guess it's possible to create an empty export target. You can also export any texture from the preview panel.

You must create the material in Blender using the generated texture. The "Node Wrangler" plugin can be used to do this in a few clicks.

Please don't hesitate to contact me on discord so I understand what you need exactly. Maybe I can do something before migrating to Godot 4 (I absolutely don't know when it will happen), and this could help me anticipate future glTF related features.

Of course there is, as soon as MM is based on Godot 4. And it's not very complicated I guess, just waiting for Godot. ;)

Hi! Painting with a graphic tablet (with pressure and tilt support) is already supported. Could you please contact me on discord so I can investigate the problem?

You can easily customize exports: select the Material node, hit Control+W, click the pencil button, go to the Export tab, select the Unity export and remove the files you don't want (or you can duplicate the export target if you want both options). You can then copy your custom Material node using the node's context menu (copy and paste items).
Et si t'as encore des questions, n'hésite pas à me contacter sur Discord. ;)

This could be caused by corrupted config files. In that case, removing (or renaming) the material_maker directory in C:/Users/yourusername/AppData/Roaming should solve your problem.

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I guess you have to download Godot 3.4.4, now (didn't actually test it, though).
(edit) Tested it and updated instructions.

Unfortunately, there are manual operations necessary for Unreal. Everything is described in the doc. I need to write an unreal plugin to make this completely automated.

Unfortunately, you won't do much with Material Maker without a decent GPU (all it does is generate and execute shaders).
You could still try to run from sources (you can easily switch to GLES2 in Godot's top right corner).

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This will be solved in 1.0, Material Maker will be signed and notarized. Please don't hesitate to join us on discord if you wish to test it before release (there's a dedicated channel).

I just bought a Macbook Air M1 a few days ago (new, decent deal). I'll probably enter Apple dev program thing so I can sign MM 1.0 and Mac users no longer have Gatekeeper messages as first experience.
As for videos, I guess you're confusing with Arnklit who did many great videos about MM (I focus on coding and don't create videos), and also contributed quite a few nodes. And you may also want to check his "river" addon for Godot.

Could you please contact me on discord so I can help you?

I wrote a devlog about running MM under macOS. You should find the answers you need. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord, I'll try to help you.