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Please join our discord server, and say hi in the #macos_port channel. I'll be able to spend time on this later today...

I cannot test a MacOS port. If Mac users help, this can happen.

BTW, we really have to find another place to communicate, this one is really not convenient. If you can suggest one...

That's because you unzoom the graph. If your graph is too big, you should start creating node groups.

I cannot really change that behaviour, it's provided by Godot (and the connect zone is already bigger than the default one).

Dunno. A very bad addiction maybe... 😏 Please be patient, 0.96 needs a bit more work. And time.

The addon part is obsolete, for now. It is possible to make it work, but has little value for now (export from standalone tool is smooth). I will probably make it work again in a few months.

Oh and did you Select a layer?

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Hmm did you try the predefined brushes in the brush panel? Clicking the checkboxes just enable the different channels of the brush, but you still have to create the brush graph.

Please don't hesitate to join us on Discord if you need help. It's much more convenient than this comment section.

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That was a special release for April Fools in 2020. It worked, but I was not satisfied with the result, so those features are not in Material Maker anymore. I might give them another try once compute shaders are available in Godot 4. But maybe not in Material Maker.

Probably in a week or 2.

I have an experimental MacOS build, but cannot test it. Please don't hesitate to join our discord server if you are willing to help.

Hmm there's a pull request on Github for internationalisation, but I'm not sure how we can get translations in a reliable way for a small open source project.

Hmm does it mean you found how to generate shaders for Godot, or do you need more help?

By default, Debug generates code for shadertoy. There are options for Godot, though...

Uh? What are you talking about?

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In the 3D preview, select the Model -> Configure menu item and check the "tesselate" option. This only works with default models, not custom ones.

Hmm reddit maybe?
Well, you can import any map using the Image node. Then just connect it to whatever you want. You may have to modify the normal map format using the SwapChannels node depending on how it was generated.

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Maybe you want to join our Discord server for that kind of questions.

At least it will be possible to split the UI into multiple windows. I'm not sure yet what Vulkan will change. New features will probably be possible with compute shaders.
Porting to Godot 4.0 will also probably be a lot of work so it might take quite some time after Godot 4 is available.

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For some reason that link didn't work (Discord says it has expired)...

My user name is RodZilla#5916 (you could easily find it by joining Material Maker's Discord server).

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Hi Baragon76! Can you contact me on Discord?

0.94 is the first release with painting, so yes it is primitive. Masks and procedural layers will be available in 0.95.

Yes, maybe I should add a "License" section to the doc...
And no, I don't have a preferred format for credits. I'll update the logo in the repository soon (the new logo is already used on Discord/reddit).

Hmm maybe you want to click on the "more information" link in the project description (just above the "Downloads" section). There has been a license since the beginning. ;)

Of course you can upload materials. The (bottom of the) first page of the site explains how.

And please don't hesitate to join us on Discord if you have more questions (link in the tool page here on

Thanks for reporting this!

You'll find a fixed version of the node here:

You can either copy the text from that address and paste it into Material Maker's graph view, or just copy/paste the address (Material Maker will download the fixed node unless your firewall prevents it).

I have no report of BSODs (those are generally caused by drivers or the operating system). It's possible Material Maker triggers a driver problem, and you may want to write down the BSOD information and search for them in Google in case it's a known issue.

Updated license to CC0 (on all 3 assets you requested).

Great. Thanks!

In 0.92, space bar on the workspace shows a menu to create nodes. You can move all side panes around or hide them using the View->Panes menu.
If you want to test (and give feedback on) the upcoming 0.93 release, you may want to grab a development build there (just click the most recent action):

Please don't hesitate to describe the improvements you'd expect. The more feedback from users, the better Material Maker will become.

I meant the File -> New material menu entry (the one that's highlighted in your screenshot).

Hmm Material Maker has a single color for all nodes, but that idea is interesting. And yeah, ConceptGraph looks like a very good Godot addon.

Yes! Thanks!

Hi, and thanks for your feedback.

  • 3D view control is designed to be able to rotate the camera on all axes (right mouse button for roll axis, left mouse buttons for others) as well as the object (hold shift). Would you swap camera/object (rotate the object by default, hold shift for the camera)?
    Actually I'd change lots of stuff in that 3D view (make light sources more obvious and make it possible to create custom environments), but I don't want it to become too complicated.
  • Are you talking about that bug that makes it impossible to connect nodes ? It's been there for quite some time, but whenever I decide to go and hunt it, it just refuses to show. Whenever I know exactly what to do to repeat it, fixing it should be easy.
  • Could you elaborate on ugly interface? Is that just you don't like colors/fonts/widget shapes, or that you'd expect all nodes be squares with a preview and all parameters in a separate panel? ;)
  • I have to agree with the graph zoom one (I never use zoom unless I need it for a screenshot of a complex graph). Fixing this should be easy.
  • Hmm I didn't get much feedback about controls for float parameters, could you be more precise? I tried to make them somewhat behave like they do in Blender.
  • There are already tesselated meshes to test materials (last 2 meshes), and post-processing effects could be part of a 3D view redesign.
  • I already have a full time job. I started Material Maker (2 years ago) for fun with shaders, I'd say that user feedback and awesome materials they show on Reddit motivate me today.

Oh, and I have a question. There was a download spike yesterday and I failed to find out where it came from. Any idea? If there was an awesome video or article somewhere, I'd like to be able to thank the author and read/answer comments/questions. Thanks!

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Whatever you create with this tool is yours, and yes you're allowed to use your own assets as you wish (use in commercial projects, sell them...).

I don't plan to create a discord server, but if you want to show or share awesome textures you create, or just ask (or answer) questions about Material Maker, please feel free to join our subreddit.

I bet you'll do much better in no time. Please don't hesitate to join the Material Maker subreddit if you want to show whatever you create and/or ask questions.

(1) Create a new material with File->New material. (2) select the (JSON) text from the pastebin address. (3) paste it into the graph view in Material Maker.

It seems renaming the .tgz file to .tar.gz fixed the problem. Thanks for reporting the issue. ;)

Linux release has always been a .tgz file. I'll investigate this and try to fix the problem.