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Hi! Painting with a graphic tablet (with pressure and tilt support) is already supported. Could you please contact me on discord so I can investigate the problem?

You can easily customize exports: select the Material node, hit Control+W, click the pencil button, go to the Export tab, select the Unity export and remove the files you don't want (or you can duplicate the export target if you want both options). You can then copy your custom Material node using the node's context menu (copy and paste items).
Et si t'as encore des questions, n'hésite pas à me contacter sur Discord. ;)

This could be caused by corrupted config files. In that case, removing (or renaming) the material_maker directory in C:/Users/yourusername/AppData/Roaming should solve your problem.

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I guess you have to download Godot 3.4.4, now (didn't actually test it, though).
(edit) Tested it and updated instructions.

Unfortunately, there are manual operations necessary for Unreal. Everything is described in the doc. I need to write an unreal plugin to make this completely automated.

Unfortunately, you won't do much with Material Maker without a decent GPU (all it does is generate and execute shaders).
You could still try to run from sources (you can easily switch to GLES2 in Godot's top right corner).

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This will be solved in 1.0, Material Maker will be signed and notarized. Please don't hesitate to join us on discord if you wish to test it before release (there's a dedicated channel).

I just bought a Macbook Air M1 a few days ago (new, decent deal). I'll probably enter Apple dev program thing so I can sign MM 1.0 and Mac users no longer have Gatekeeper messages as first experience.
As for videos, I guess you're confusing with Arnklit who did many great videos about MM (I focus on coding and don't create videos), and also contributed quite a few nodes. And you may also want to check his "river" addon for Godot.

Could you please contact me on discord so I can help you?

I wrote a devlog about running MM under macOS. You should find the answers you need. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord, I'll try to help you.

Hmm did you try what's explained in the macOS related devlog? What happens when you do?
Please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord so I can try top help you. ;)

I unfortunately don't have a Mac (yet?), so everything macOS related is pretty difficult for now.

I figured it would work, because a user had the exact same problem as you. I asked him to test that trick (I was confident it would work because of how Godot works), telling him I wasn't sure it would work, but that was worth a try. And it worked (it's a hack, it's not the same as a cleanly released MM for 32 bits Windows).

So I just let this as a possible solution. I'm not sure it will work for everyone, but if it does work for you, it's great. But if it did not, I just could not help you.

So I'd rather make it clear it's not supported, so users are not mad at me because I release untested software.

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Are you suggesting I should provide untested software ? 😉

Providing a 32 bits version would mean I'd have to test it and I don't have a 32 bits Windows to do so.

Please read the Troubleshooting section above. 😉

Beware, MM creates combined shaders when connecting nodes, so combining 3 or 4 non non-heavy nodes can generate a heavy shader (and unfortunately, it's not possible to catch those problems gracefully).
I'm planning features to analyze, predict and fix performance problems, but I'm not sure they will be available this year.

Anyway, if you can provide step by step scenarios that lead crashes, please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord.

Yeah, the logo looks a little bit like the one of 3D Coat. But it's also very different. ;)

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Do you want to gather the main parameters of your graph into a specific location?
Remote node!

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I'm not completely sure (I don't have Macs to test), but I this MM 0.97 doesn't work on a Mac M1, but 0.98 will. Could you please test a dev release? You can download it here (you'll have to be logged in on Github, download links are at the bottom of the page):

Hi! I just added a solution for you in the "troubleshooting" section of the project description

Did my answer help you run Material Maker under MacOS?

OK, just checked and it seems the xattr command in the devlog I mentioned in my previous message will work.
In case the xattr command fails because the mounted volume is read-only, you may want to duplicate the volume and use the copy.

Did you try what's described in that devlog when installing? I'm not sure it is the fix for that problem, but it could help.

Thanks for this information. I will investigate this issue later today and come back to you when I have a solution.

Hi, could you please describe what happens when you try to start Material Maker so I can try to provide a fix? Please don't hesitate to join the discord server so we can chat and find a solution.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Please join our discord server, and say hi in the #macos_port channel. I'll be able to spend time on this later today...

I cannot test a MacOS port. If Mac users help, this can happen.

BTW, we really have to find another place to communicate, this one is really not convenient. If you can suggest one...

That's because you unzoom the graph. If your graph is too big, you should start creating node groups.

I cannot really change that behaviour, it's provided by Godot (and the connect zone is already bigger than the default one).

Dunno. A very bad addiction maybe... 😏 Please be patient, 0.96 needs a bit more work. And time.

The addon part is obsolete, for now. It is possible to make it work, but has little value for now (export from standalone tool is smooth). I will probably make it work again in a few months.

Oh and did you Select a layer?

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Hmm did you try the predefined brushes in the brush panel? Clicking the checkboxes just enable the different channels of the brush, but you still have to create the brush graph.

Please don't hesitate to join us on Discord if you need help. It's much more convenient than this comment section.

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That was a special release for April Fools in 2020. It worked, but I was not satisfied with the result, so those features are not in Material Maker anymore. I might give them another try once compute shaders are available in Godot 4. But maybe not in Material Maker.

Probably in a week or 2.

I have an experimental MacOS build, but cannot test it. Please don't hesitate to join our discord server if you are willing to help.

Hmm there's a pull request on Github for internationalisation, but I'm not sure how we can get translations in a reliable way for a small open source project.

Hmm does it mean you found how to generate shaders for Godot, or do you need more help?

By default, Debug generates code for shadertoy. There are options for Godot, though...