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I'm planning on making a somewhat niche bondage-y text adventure using either Twine or Inform 7. The main difficulty I'm having right now is in figuring out how to implement a "struggle system" that allows the player to attempt to escape from their binds. I'm leaning more towards Twine as I'm a bit more familiar with that interface, but I7 allows me to do stuff with the player's Inventory, so I'm thinking of going for that. In any case any advice regarding a struggle/escape artist system would be appreciated.

I'm thinking of some kind of energy or will power variable. Something that you can boost by doing certain activities prior to the escape scene and a higher energy score makes it easier to escape.

But in a text adventure format it may be more appropriate to have the player figure out a complicated (but ultimately useless in terms of actual security) lock or series of locks in a limited number if moves, or commands. Perhaps you could even combine the two and a higher energy score gives you a few more command attempts