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Note: This is basically just a really small infinite runner. Great Artstyle for sure, but the gameplay can get bland after a while.


Yup, not hiding that! ^_^

The different characters have slightly different gameplay (their speed or the way ground and power ups spawn varies a bit), and it has a hidden Game Boy mode... but it is indeed a veeery short game! We are ok with that, it was a project to learn and have some fun (that's why it's free), and we definitely reached that goal.

If it kept you entertained just for a couple minutes, we are glad.  We will try to make it better next time. Thanks for playing, thanks for the feedback, and have a Merry Christmas! :)

No judgment at all, I can understand that this was just a small project… you guys did a great job! (sorry for the late reply, haven’t been on for a while)

No worries. And you can judge, of course! All feedback is welcome. We can't improve if we don't know what people think 🙂

You definitely did what you set out to do, I'd love to see a full version with a story mode, since there is no ending, despite there being a story.

I just found the 8-bit area... one of my favorite secrets ever! Reminds me of the arcade machines in Stardew valley.