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agreed, waffles have those little holes that syrup just gets right into and it’s so satisfying to eat.

Oof this is such a brutal game ;~;

No matter what you do something goes wrong and you die sad. The best outcome was probably the Lesbian’s one, fighting for their rights and becoming a matyr.

Aww, I kinda wanted to watch this forever NGL.

This music is free to use commercially, as it says in the description it can be used for commercial uses.

The best part about this is that you labeled it Educational

Heads up to everyone, this is not an Among Us game, this is a way to create missions for everyone to do during a game of Among Us. Please don’t think this is Among Us or a game, this is a tool.

It’s 213121

I love this cat screaming stupid crap.

very nice indeed

I haven’t been able to go too far, and I believe that it was at the same spot

oof sorry for the late comment

OK, Just going to clarify. THIS IS NOT A VIRUS. While this is technically malware, it won’t do anything crazy to your computer. You can easily hold “escape” for about 3 seconds to close the program. You are the person who downloaded this, and the person who starts it. It doesn’t do anything that it’s not supposed to do. It’s only supposed to be for entertainment. Just like @stridline has said, this is HARMLESS. THIS WON’T DELETE SYSTEM FILES. (This is literally open-source, if you are so worried about it, just run it on a VM and look at the source code)

That’s a big oof

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I see you; Stuck in the year of the sheep; Happy new year

OMG… my feels

my feels hurt so bad

but it’s nice

My score was 576


I am on Chrome OS Google Chrome, and they run very smoothly

This game, while I believe it is easy, is still very amazing. So fun to play, and it is just great!

OK, really cool. Love everything that can go on. It’s pretty funny to see all of the different things you can do. Great job on everything

Amazing job! No bugs on the GitHub page. There are many places where you can easily hide, and that just made the game even better. This game was truly amazing, made me really think about my placement, and how to use the time travel effectively. (I think that all places where you can ‘hide’ can only be accessed using time travel mode B) Overall, an incredible job, and I love the ending. noice drawing skills


Game Jam is getting so random

OK, can I just ask how we are supposed to not kill someone when the action to select is the left click?

For me, it’s not that bad, just offer an option so that you can descale the graphics through the original game, or just some advanced graphics settings. You don’t have to make a ‘Chrome version’

Working really well, yes, it runs really well on Chromebook, it is quite demanding, but the Chromebook has alot of optimization

I could probably run a couple of Steam games on here if I wanted to.

No judgment at all, I can understand that this was just a small project… you guys did a great job! (sorry for the late reply, haven’t been on for a while)

Chrome OS Google Chrome browser

I cannot use the downloadable build

So you made an account just t say that this game sucked? Real nice... plus your username is literally 'valgo'+ the name of this game

so that's kinda stupid

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Game isn't detecting any input on controller or keyboard...

really guys?

UPDATE: Works perfectly, thanks!

Note: This is basically just a really small infinite runner. Great Artstyle for sure, but the gameplay can get bland after a while.

Works Great on My Computer

Chrome OS

Google Chrome

Maybe you should mention in the description the controller support. It is an OK game, just something you would play around with, not something that would be really enjoyed

I'm not part of the development team in anyway, but the game has been out for sometime (since late July) and as such, an release will probably not come. However, there is a wide range of support, including for Windows, Mac,  Nintendo Switch, and PS4!

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Why is this even a thing? I love this too much

Libido gone wrong... eep

I love how it says "consensual hug" when they are clearly making out... I even move them both side to side to make it seem more chaotic. I love this stupid game

Restarting the game and getting to where you start the gameplay still results in a blue screen with the cursor. Just wanted to make sure that you knew that. 

OK, now the game is moving towards Day 26... that's just ugh

I just want to say, this is a great game, but now I am double clicking for some reason, even if I am only clicking once. Maybe something wrong with my OS or browser. I am on Chrome OS using default Chrome Browser.(Version 77.0.3865.105 Official Build 64-bit). Very annoying and confusing.

Me too

Unity Web Player is deprecated, it probably won't work for most browsers. You could try downloading the latest UWP version (available for Windows/Mac)

What in tarnation is this game

and why do I love it so much