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I set a goal of going as far straight down from the origin as I could. ("North", "south", etc. seems weird in a game with gravity.) I was able to get to 4W/11S before getting irrevokably stuck above a clump of bubbles. I had already noticed that it's impossible to pass vertically by a clump of three or more, and on that screen I got stuck above a huge glob, without being able to jump up to the next screen to reset the bubbles' position. If you do make a game of this, please add some way of affecting the bubbles; they're more bad frustration than good frustration.

The game reminds me of Polychromatic Funk Monkey, a randomly-generated platform game about platform game, that I'm not sure is even still playable.

oof, i tried following in your footsteps. i got to 3E / 11S!

i agree with you about the bubbles. they were a very last-moment addition!

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Stuck at 4-5W/11S. 11S seems to be a blockade :|c


A possible goal: mapping out the borders of the accessible region in all directions, up to where the combination of the map generation algorithm and the bubbles make further progress impossible.

On a different note, I like the idea of procedural map generation using a fixed seed. I've been toying with doing something similar in Pico-8, to compactly represent a large space, possibly with a lookup table to locate specific goals.

I started mapping out my quest to the bottom. i got to 13S, and could get further if i didn't get myself stuck at 5E/13S! i keep going east, i still haven't even seen 4W/11S...

solid lines are impossible to pass by solid level gen, dotted lines are where i'm pretty sure the path is permanently blocked by bubbles. numbers are my loose measure of clutteredness/difficulty.

 p.s. i agree about "North", "south". but i think they're probably more universally understood as single letters than U/D? i had briefly considered "3F" vs "B2" for up and down.