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Watch the enemy's spells carefully and note their effects.

Use to decode these:

Hint: Oyhr pelfgnyf pna gryrcbeg bgure pelfgnyf.

Solution: Zbir gur evtug pelfgny qbja, hfr gur yrsg pelfgny gb syvat gur evtug pelfgny npebff gur tnc. Gung bcraf gur jnl gb jnyx qbja naq nebhaq gb gur evtug. Hfr gur cerivbhfyl syhat pelfgny gb syvat lbhefrys gb gur rkvg.

Encoded using to prevent spoilers:

Ol zbivat yheqe dhvpxyl, V pna fnir bar bs gur erq pelfgnyf sebz gur sveronyyf, gura hfr gung gb qrfgebl gur oybpx va gur zvqqyr bs gur yrsg nern. Vf gung vagraqrq, be vf gur chmmyr cbffvoyr gb fbyir jvgubhg fnivat gur erq pelfgny?

Looking forward to seeing how this develops. A little bit Downwell, a little bit Probability 0.

Hah, so it is! I must have made an error when trying to duplicate my paper solution.

I think I did solve it, by printing a screenshot on paper and cutting it apart.

Use to read the following:

Chg gur gvyrf va vapernfvat beqre jvgu bar va gur gbc evtug pbeare, gura yrsg npebff gur gbc, qbja gura evtug ba gur arkg ebj, naq fb ba. Gung znxrf bar pbagvahbhf yvar guebhtu nyy gur gvyrf. Gur ivqrb irefvba pnaabg or fbyirq, orpnhfr gur ynfg gjb gvyrf ner fjnccrq.

Been a while, so I had to replay to get it. Use to decode the following hints one line at a time as you need.

znxr guveglgjb
va gur zvqqyr
jvgu rvtug naq sbhe
znxr gjraglsbhe
va gbc
jvgu rvtug naq guerr
znxr avarglfvk
jvgu guerr
naq cerivbhf gjraglsbhe

I can confirm the new download works when extracted. Thanks!

Thank you for releasing a Mac version. I found a minor problem with how that file extracted: instead of giving me an application, it gave me a folder called "Contents". Mac applications are basically directories/folders with a ".app" suffix. I created a folder called "Sandtrix", put the Contents folder into it, renamed the folder ", then I was able to play the game. Probably the command you used compressed the contents of the application without including the top-level directory, so should be simple to fix.

Bravo! At first I didn't see the benefit of the stretching body. Then I realized it could be a liability, giving more exposed area to be attacked. I kept the tail short as a sort of hygiene. Then I started thinking of the tail as a "save point", a spot I could swap back to and start over. Carefully swapping and retracting let me time movement near enemies to strike without getting hit. While I'd love to see this game expanded, I appreciate its current form: a single idea executed well.

I like the music in the game, so I searched for it on the web. I found all the tracks at, except for Frau Holle's, which I found at Bandcamp. Links below for anyone else who like the music too.

Bravo! Feels like an old Nitrome game. I like the way that new capabilities both allow exploring farther, and allow new kinds of puzzles. Having multiple puzzles available at once meant I could take a break if I got stuck on one.

I'm not sure I solved Back Up an intended way, or if I found a bug or inintened interaction (ROT13-encoded, since's comments don't seem to have a spoiler tag):

V jnf noyr gb znxr gur oyhr oybpxf nccrne bireynccvat n onggrel oybpx, gura chfu gur onggrel oybpx bhg sebz haqrearngu gur oyhr oybpx.

Bravo! Great graphics, great music, enough puzzling to be interesting without hitting my "oh, I'll come back to this later" threshhold. Once I started I had to finish the whole thing, and I'm glad I did.

Thanks for that fix. I can now launch the game, but initially I encountered another error: when I launch the game I get a plain small window that says "Unable to find game!!:" However, if I launch it manually through terminal (change to the game directory, then do "./", I can launch and play the game. Weirdly, after I did that, I can now launch the game properly, and I don't get the "unable to find" error anymore. Maybe the manual launch set something about the path? Anyway, working now, so thanks again.

When I try to launch it I'm told "The application requires macOS 0.18 or later", so it seems it's reading its own version rather than reporting the actual requirement.

Just tricky enough to be satisfying.

Oof. The timing in 19 is super tight, and the diving in 20 is finicky. Overall though, nicely done. There's a good mix of introducing mechanics gradually, and the game doesn't overstay its welcome by exhaustively exploring every possible combination of elements. Many of the later levels don't require jumping at all, and I wonder about a version of the game that included only diving.

No worries! Thanks for the follow-up. I see the files now, and I've download the latest version.

Bravo! It's just enough exploration and upgrading to be enjoyable without being frustrating. When I wasn't sure what to do next I just went back through old areas until I found a path unlocked by an upgrade. You packed a lot of character into the tiles, even including different biomes (the last was a surprise). The music and sound are top-notch too. I would have liked just a bit more story after the ending, to know the fate of our protagonist.

Since the v1.2.0 release notice, I no longer see download links for Aquamarine. I see the "you own this" area at the top, but when I click the "Download" button I just see "Nothing is available for download yet."

I like the idea, but every time I step out into the dark I get mobbed by slimes that move way too fast for me to target effectively and I get killed in seconds.

Hah! Then yes, thanks to your wife. Shows the importance of playtesting, even for jam games.

Ah, that makes sense. I hadn't paid close enough attention to figure out that rule. The couple times it seemed I couldn't progress I realized I probably needed a different piece to progress, which encouraged me to explore further.

Bravo! What a great mechanic, well explored. There seems to be some sort of limitation I don't understand regarding transformation (it isn't just "at least one square of new form overlaps at least one square of old form), but I was able to work around that. One careless transformation meant I had to do the final climb a second time, but the serial contorting was enjoyable enough that I didn't mind.

I win! That was so great. The later levels were just the right level of challenge.

More just that the process of figuring out what to do was enjoyable, and I didn't want the first comment someone reads to be "I thought I had to do this, but then I realized I had to do this instead, so do that first."

Fascinating. I won't say anything more, to avoid spoilers. I'll come back later with more substantive comments, after more people have played the game.

Oof, some of those were tricky. The 24, 32, 96 puzzle had me stumped for a while. Order of operations complicates some of the later puzzles, while others depended on figuring out what was and wasn't necessary. All in all a pleasant combination of challenges.

Bravo! Great graphics and sound, great music, and most importantly great gameplay. The orbs invert the usually Metroidlike gaining new capabilities to adding those capabilities to the world. It was challenging, especially the short window for jumping after dashes and switching directions for jumps and teleports, but just challenging enough. (The tiny room with the yellow and pink orbs took several tries to get the timing right.) Thank you for the generous checkpoints in the final encounter.

Thank you so much! The PDF looks great. Seeing the "1/2000" current page really brought home how many creatures you created. Being a PDF means its text is searchable, so if I find an unusual word in one description I can see if it occurs anywhere else. (The Leopitar, 455, is the only mention of "eucalyptus".) If you have a Twitter or other social media account, posting one creature a day there would be a great way to get a following. As it is, I'll likely read a few of these a day until I've seen them all.

Thanks. The interface is a bit wonky in different browsers, and I'd love to be able to zoom in on the art more easily. It appears the consistent visual framing of creature against plain white background gave the GAN a lot to work with effectively.

This is so great. Any possibility of a downloadable PDF version?

I found this explanation useful enough that I saved it as a file. I appreciate that you've tried to subtly differentiate different possible aspects of a character without requiring that reference.

I don't normally buy early access games, but I enjoyed the demo, it's cheap, and you've said a Mac version is coming soon, so I'll take the chance.

This will probably be the weirdest game I play all day. Took a bit to get used to sticking to trees and how to move through them, but eventually I was able to lift the truck. I had no idea tapirs were so agile.

FYI the Mac version works just fine.

The sound is just great. I'm wandering through a poorly-lit arcade, looking for the guy with the quarter dispenser on his belt.

The Mac build works just fine.

Visually and aurally stylish. It's liike a weird long-lost sibling of Einhander. Took a while to figure exactly what the PDS does (eliminates bullets). Not being able to shoot enemies made the game super-stressful, but I appreciate that lives are effectively infinite. Is there a magic pixel, or is the whole ship model a target?

Fiendish! An excellent take on the classic sliding block puzzle.

Smooth and clean, great graphics, great audio. Reminds me a lot of the bit Generations series for the Game Boy Advance; this game would fit right in among those. I cleared all stages on the first try except for the last one, since I kept timing out on the black final four, but I got there eventually. Very nicely done!