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1. Dwarfs will go to the river to drink water even in there is water in the feasting hall. I seems it will pick the closed water source in bird view and not walking distance..

That's correct, I already had that problem.

Best thing to do here is just build a small feasting hall close to the river with just a couple barrels (how many depends on the expected traffic) to have them drink there instead for the meanwhile

2. cauldron allocation seems of if you have multiple metal types of cauldron's. My kitchen in waiting for 4 silver cauldron but there are iron and bronze cauldron's available in the resource zone next to it:

Yeah, I seem to have a problem with that one, too. Got a cauldron spot that got never filled because it was waiting for a bronze cauldron, which I didn't have.

3. With more Dwafs it happens more that they get on the same spot, start walking slowly and do so for a long time, until they are in the feasting hall for example, there is a lot of space to take an other path, or just wait so they can both can walk faster.. In year 2/3 it seems odd, but in year 6 it can be like 6/9 dwarfs getting to gather because if you have some walking slow the odd are getting bigger with more settlers that one will catch up.. Note that I am making hallways 2 or 3 wide to minimize this problem

Yeah, happens since the first build, which can be pretty annoying sometimes, especially when you're not prepared for it. And having wider hallways didn't do much for me, so I stopped doing that.

The inefficiency of having multiples of the same production rooms stems from not having any priority settings yet apart from getting the goods to the spot which asked it first. To alleviate this I have built 2 large centralized kitchens (one bakery and one soup kitchen), which will deliver to the feasting halls from there.

Thanks. To make to central kitchens seems smart (for now). As a programmer I also had have some thoughts about how the code some optimization and user feedback.