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thanks for playing. im glad you enjoyed it.  

someone else pointed out that that the walls of the levels were too dark. would this be what you are refuring to by contrast... or do you mean something else, if so could you explain it a bit more. that way i can understand

Yes, I'd say it is primarily the walls of the level that are too dark. The player character stands out very nicely, as do the telegraphs for the attack. It also feels like there is some chromatic aberration happening to the enemies at the edge of the screen which makes them a bit difficult to spot but the attack telegraphs make that less of an issue.

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cool i will fix that once the jam is finished


hey ive uploaded the new version, its a bit more pollished all around. just wondering if the fix for the level brightness is good enough to make it more enjoyable

Yup. This looks much better! I see you've also added a level (or moved one around). There seems to be an issue with the input getting stuck in some cases, causing the character to get stuck in a wall till the opposite direction key is hit.

when exactly does the input get stuck?  and when you say you get stuck in a wall are you actually in inside a wall or just against it. 

screenshots could prove useful