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I have to admit, it would be make sense to only unlock this weapon after you unlock certain weapons, or perhaps when you reach a certain level, like a mid to late game weapon, considering its only really good with high energy capacity. In addition, a problem I see with this is that would be very difficult to use on level with little cover and a lot of archers/jetpack bots, but if you only unlock this weapon later in the game, than you should have others in your arsenal to use in assitance.

yes, thats a good point. but, this weapon also seems like a perfect counter to jetpack and hammer bots because of the extended reach, while the "spear" wouldn't matter as much, it would still be useful against mk2 jetpack bots if they can block arrows, I don't know, I haven't tried yet. the spear would be less useful against the hammer bots because hammers can't block anyways, but if they take you by surprise and you have this weapon out, you can spear them at a moments notice-well sort of-and, finally, if the mk2 jetpack bots can't block, then this weapon could be the excuse that Doborog needs to make mk3 jetpack bots! xD

Yes, but I'm more referring to the long charging time of the weapon, and its movement penalty. Sure, you may be able to reduce them, but its still likely that the jetpack bots may just storm over and murder you before you have a chance to fully charge. Due to how long it takes just to perform a basic attack, this weapon will not very good in a panic situation.

hmm... if it takes so long to perform a basic attack, and it's a late game weapon, is the energy reduction really needed? and I feel that this weapons should be better if it does have the energy cost... of course, this weapon is not in the game yet, and I may be misunderstanding something, but it seems slightly underwhelming to me :/

and also, yeah, I suppose you're right, it wouldn't be very good for dealing with jetpack bots because of how fast they are... but I feel that they would still do fairly decent against hammer bots =P

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The basic attacks are not meant to very high and mighty, no offense, I thought of them only taking 1 sec to charge at defualt, with an upgrade the will charge in half a sec. I just thought to make the basic attacks a little underwhelming so the default sword/bow aren't obsolete. The reason I think this should be a mid to late game weapon is because is only really shines when fully charged. And no, I don't think I mentioned an energy reduction, I mentioned upgrades to reduce the charge up times, so lets say before you have to wait 4 seconds to use 4 bars of energy in a tier 4 attack, now it takes 2 seconds for the same attack. But maybe the movement penalty is a bet too much, 50% at default is probably extremely frustrating to deal with, so it may be tonned down a bit. I am just trying to think of some drawbacks to keep this weapon from being op, even though it's mid to late game.

How about this, a basic sword swing will, as mentioned around the same size and the default sword, not including the staff and is unblock-able. At tier 2, the sword is twice the size of the default sword at the cost of 2 bars of energy, tier 3, it is 3x the size at the cost of 3 bars of energy, and at tier 4 it is 4x the size at the cost of 4 bars of energy, there may some special abilities the are unlocked in higher tiers, but the basic idea is to deal massive damage with only one attack.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! by energy reduction I meant simply the fact that the attacks use energy... but I did overlooked the word basic in your previous reply, and if the sword is unblockable, then my view has completely switched, this weapon does seem good for mid to late game... and yes, the 50% movement speed penalty does seem a bit much, after all, what if for some reason you wanted to use this weapon with only one leg? moving would be a nightmare, and would you be able to charge the weapon while jetpacking? these are some questions that I just thought of, but with your clarification, my current opinion is wow! unique and balanced! I LOVE IT!

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Thank you! And yes I think you can use the jetpack when charging, but without any movement penalty. This is because there is a sacrifice in the power of the weapon due to your jetpack using some of the energy as well, and you also won't be able to jetpack very far, so it will be fair to use this as a quick retreat when your plan fails, or are taken by surprise. However, I didn't think about losing a leg, so maybe the movement penalty won't apply in that situation or just significantly reduced, but that may make the upgrade to reduce the penalty obsolete until you die and respawn, but those are just my thoughts.

But yeah, this weapon is not meant be used to pick off a single enemy one at a time, no, its recommended that you charge the weapon to it's full potential and eliminate a massive group of enemies with one blow, which is why timing and position is important, so you land the attack at the perfect moment before the enemy gets close enough to kill you. A great risk, but with great reward! This is why I think this weapon will be very fun to use and very devastating in the right hands.

hmm... just thinking of this now, because the sword could reach a spidertron-6000, IT LOOKS LIKE DOBOROG NEEDS TO START RESEARCH ON SPIDERTRON-7000! xD and, generally speaking, I find that the levels that I get swarmed on are mid to late game-diamond, titanium, and some gold levels, so the (for now i'll just call it the energy staff :P) energy staff would come into play at the perfect time :D

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Yes, this idea of a weapon is more meant to assist the player further in mid-late levels, killing a massive amount of enemies with one attack, then you can use your sword, bow, or hammer to finish off the any few that are left or for specific enemies. And that just made me think of something, "POWER"/"BOSS" weapons. A cool idea that involves unlocking these kinds of weapons after a certain point in the game or beating a certain boss. Only one of these weapons can be equipped by the player at a time, and they are specialized to promote their own playstyle and have their own unique drawbacks, like the energy staff we were talking about, and assist the player when he gets to certain situations and get pass the higher tier levels.

2 things:

1. Maybe the movement penalty should be 25%, 50% is basically as slow as you walk with one leg and it's SO FREAKING ANNOYING! Sorry, I just hate having only one leg..

2. Who the frick is teaching medieval fantasy to the robots? Is Erik at it again? Gosh, soon we'll have wyverns flying around the arena!

Oh, wait...

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Well, I did decide to reduce the movement penalty to 30%, with possibly upgrades to reduce it further. I'm quite sure I updated the main post about the staff for that. And since there seems to be a lot of medieval resemblance in the game, except it's mixed with future technology,SO WHY NOT MAKING EVER MORE MEDIEVAL!!!

it also bears a resembelance to the Roman colleseum