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Well, I did decide to reduce the movement penalty to 30%, with possibly upgrades to reduce it further. I'm quite sure I updated the main post about the staff for that. And since there seems to be a lot of medieval resemblance in the game, except it's mixed with future technology,SO WHY NOT MAKING EVER MORE MEDIEVAL!!!

it also bears a resembelance to the Roman colleseum

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Yeah, but replace gladiators with MK1/2/3 "Sword Robot" Simple Melee Unit and MK1/2/3 "Archer" Combat Archer, also MK1/2 "Jetpack Bot" Jetpack Propelled Swordsman, and MK1/2/3 "Hammer Bot" Heavy Combat Unit, and replace the tigers and lions with MK5/6 "Spidertron" Arachnid Bomber and MKX "Sawlamander" Mobile Saw Dilacerator.

about that dog saw thing... Doborog was going to add it... but then he couldn't decide what would happen if it lost one of it

s legs, and with good reason, I mean, look at physics and the other two quadripeds in the game :P