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Quick note, man.  I work 40 hrs a week in a customer-service job and I have customers telling me what I "will" do for them all the time.  When you write "when you have done this" it implies that I will implement your ideas, and you're turning my hobby into my day job which just ain't cool.  If it wasn't what you intended, then please just be aware of how it was received.

As far as what you requested, I like your ideas!

1st, making MAST compatible with Unity 2018 LTS is a no-brainer.  Thank you for that information.  I'm still a newb at most of this.  I'll get it added and change the Unity version scope in the Asset Store in the next release.

2nd, I'm already planning on changing the way the prefab palette works.  Right now, "Load from Folder" grabs all prefabs from any selected folder, including subfolders, and places them all in a single array that the palette uses.  This will be changed soon to create a list of palette arrays that can be changed with a drop-down at the top of the palette.  The dropdown will be a list of "folder/subfolder" names.  Still, before I implement this change, I want to redesign the palette storage so they truly stay persistant.  I sort've addressed this in your other post concerning the problem you've already witnessed yourself.

I mention all of this because you spoke about grouping by types and actually keeping the prefabs in separated folders would take care of some of those needs I believe.

In addition to what I'm planning, I could also add an integer to the MAST Component Script for "groupID".  This would be a user-defined value that would always default to 0.  I could then add a hotkey to iterate through a list of items that all have the current item's GroupID.

The idea of randomly swapping out an item with another sharing the same GroupID makes sense.  If you're in placement mode, it will swap the item being placed and the ghost visualizer will immediately change to a new random item from the same group.  Otherwise, if not in placement mode, it will perform the action on whatever item is selected in the scene and register an undo.

I like these ideas and I think they will make MAST more useful without making it too complicated "if implemented correctly".  I just don't know how far down the pipeline it will be.

Lastly, I haven't attempted to capture a mouse scroll wheel event, but I love the idea of using SHIFT + SCROLL WHEEL to iterate through each palette item for speed and convenience.  I will try to implement this in the next release.

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Thank you for the long reply, Keith. I am definitely not assuming you got the time to implement this, I got a day job too and maintain some popular open source project on the side, so I know how it feels :)

I should probably just say "This asset is good, you should sell it for a price", but that comes with an expectation of maintenance,  so please ignore my not well thought out suggestion.

I appreciate your reply.  I had hoped it wasn't intended that way.  It just caught me fresh off an exceptionally bad day at work.

As far as charging, I'm not really interested in monetizing MAST directly.  I don't think the sales would be worth the effort, and attaching a cost would greatly reduce the reach this tool will have.

Now I do plan on fully monetizing a few model kits I have in the works that will be designed specifically for MAST.  Anyone who downloads this tool will see my kits, so I will have a great advertising platform.  I've put some thought into this =)

Btw, you only responded to my first paragraph.  Does the idea of using a GroupID and the way I mentioned utilizing it go along with what you were suggesting?

GroupID sounds good, you could also add an editor UI that enable users to manage existing groups (see ProBuilder's material list for reference.)

Btw, I would say the maximize/minimize panel hang issue is much more annoying.

Fixed the hang already.  I am completely stumped on why the images in the palette disappear though lol.

I am happy that you fixed the editor hang. :)

If you discord, can you friend me "Keith at FSP#5441"

Would love to get more feedback about your feature suggestions.

Yeah I do have Discord, will add you later.

Pinging me on might be more effective though, as I got email notification to follow up when available. (Too busy to log onto Discord lately.)

np.   Havent figured how to direct message anyone on itch.  Just didn't want a conversation to be in the forum.  Just need to confirm some details about groups and functionality.

I've already fixed the lag bugs and added Shift+Scrollwheel functionality

Alright, request to your discord account sent :)