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I've finished this game a couple of days ago, and I must say I loved every bit of it, it was AMAZING! The demo was good, but oh dear the whole thing... just wow... I think Apris' route was my favorite, because of the sheer fact I love him so much. But the last route (including the required things to reach it) were awesome too! (yeah, trying my best not to spoil haha)

Can I make a guide of the game since people seem to have a lot of trouble? I'll probably post it on tumblr, then make a Steam version when it's released.

omg a guide would be great ;u;


Since I was given an OK, I'll be making it soon!

I'm missing the last 3 endings and I can't figure out how to get them. Could you PLEASE give me some hints? If you give me your Tumblr I could message you there to avoid putting spoilers in the comments.

Sure - my tumblr is

You can either message me, or wait a day or two until a make the guide - I'll post it there anyway!

A guide would be awesome! I am only missing one ending. I have no idea what it might be or how to get it.

I was given an OK, so I'll make it and post it on my tumblr.

But if you want me to help you before, you can message me through tumblr or deviantart (I'd rather not spoil here in the comments)

My tumblr is (and it has a link to my DA page)

Okay, great!! If I decide I can't wait, I'll message you through one of them. :)


have you posted it yet?

No, I've been unexpectedly very busy and didn't have time - sorry

I'm very sorry for taking so long - I bet you ended up finding your answers, but if you still need it, I'm done -

I was so busy lately I couldn't do it before...

awwwwww thank you

I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game so much! :D Thank you kindly for the feedback! There aren't many Apris fans out there yet, as far as I'm aware, so that's nice to hear. ^^ (And it's always a joy hearing that someone enjoyed "that" route. ;D)

If you'd like to make a guide, then feel free to, of course! :) I assumed people would start making guides when the game made it to Steam, since that's what usually happens. So if it can happen earlier, I'm all the happier for it. ^^ Good luck! (And don't forget to leave me a link once you post it, I'd love to take a look at it myself! ;3)

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You should do a poll to see who eveyones favorite character mine is also Apris

Apris was a surprise to me, honestly!

I didn't really know who to start with, so I've decided to start with the two characters I liked the least in the beginning, Apris and Yvonne. I picked one of them at random, and so, Apris was the first route I did...... and while going through his route, I liked him more and more, and he ended up being and staying my favorite haha!

And thank you about the guide! I'll make it soon then, and I'll post a link! I'll probably repost it on Steam later anyway, but I figured out people may need it earlier than that since the game is pretty hard! Since I'm at it, I must thank you for making it quite hard, actually. I've grown very good at visual novels since I play TONS of that stuff... And having a truly callenging one was a real treat!