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Create detailed branched random event generators and games that use a single roll.
Assorted Mechanics and Procedures from Bad Quail Games
A conversational method for resolving conflict in TTRPGs
A collection of ideas for use in FitD games
A system-agnostic supplement for creating character relationships and campaign issues.
A piece of tech to track a character's resource points
A new way to track your emotional or physical well-being. A piece of game tech.
A system-agnostic supplement for creating NPCs that represent something larger
A simple and engaging alternate initiative method for tabletop RPGs
Short storytelling game about miscommunication, in space
A Tabletop Sport Creation Framework
Outlines basic mechanics to make Roleplay meaningful in games that don't reward roleplay mechanically.
Instructions and templates for creating your own hacks of the game Premise
A liberating alternative XP method for tabletop RPGs
Character motivations supplement
A minimalist system for resolving challenges in any setting.
cooperative tactical RPG mechanics for two players using bookmarks
A Revisiting Mechanics Tech Pack for TTRPGs
This is a mechanic for generating a solar system on the fly now on YouTube!