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The Long Rim: between promise and prosperity, where pirates stalk and the wealth of the galaxy flows...
Pilot mechs in a sunless world, and bring a new dawn.
A homebrew campaign guide and content supplement for Lancer, the mech RPG by Massif Press
A Print & Play Roguelite Board Game
A homebrew setting guide and content expansion for LANCER: The Mech RPG.
High-fantasy TTRPG inspired by LANCER and 4e
a genre-agnostic, tokusatsu, monster-hunting, LUMEN game
A worker liberation module powered by LANCER
post-apocalyptic car-PG
A Kinetic Mecha Tactics Tabletop RPG
Fantasy tactics TTRPG with old-school theming.
A wargame that uses things you already own for miniatures
A (free) HEDGE supplement. New allies and enemies for your fairytale post-apocalypse.
A co-operative card game about defeating the powerful, together.
Immortal guardians hold back the darkness in this LUMEN power fantasy.
You are: genetically engineered rats. Interns. Addicted to glowing green goop. Humanity's best hope.
Enemy A.I. Tool for TTRPG Tactical Combat
Tactics focused D20 TTRPG System with Asynchronous Class Mechanics inspired by Indian Pop Culture & Mythology.
Ultralite Tactical Roleplaying in a Digital Fantasy World
A Grimdark, Anti-Capitalist Narrative Wargame / Tactical RPG
A roleplaying game of high adventure and cunning strategy.
An epic, fast and furious system for minis and maps using Breathless.
Tactics, Magitech, & Gunfights at your gaming table!
A system agnostic OSR setting of dwarves and grit
A Universal System for Miniature Wargaming
An index card-sized Character Keeper for FIST.
The core rulebook for Wellspring, a mangawave tabletop rpg about traveling through a dangerous world with your friends.
Reckless freeform tactics for painting battlefields in style.
Millenial monster hunters and dice poker anime showdowns.
Tactical fantasy adventure by matara
Post-apocalypse, science fantasy, badass anime girls.
Cooperative Storytelling & Tactical Combat
A system-neutral battle add-on
Grim Intrigue and Perilous Tactics at the Dauphin's Court
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