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A solo story game about spellcraft and wizardry.
8 pitch-black magic rituals- compatible with any dark fantasy RPG!
A collection of self-care exercises
A book full of spells and sensorial descriptions of them for Tabletop RPGs.
A spellcasting supplement for Bastards.
A collection of unique merchants & items for Mausritter
Powers for technowizards at the edge of time, at the end of space.
twelve ritual games to unlock the power of the western calendar
a game about kindness, strange magic, and healing.
Additional spellcasting rules for your favorite fantasy RPG.
Sixteen new spells for Mausritter.
TRPG about funny little mages causing trouble
A Pocket-mod spell book of moonlit rituals
Short fey- and druid-themed supplement for Shadowdark RPG, including new ancestries, druid class, spells, and monsters.
Co-op Collectable Hex Game
Yule never forget this year's celebration!
A collection of four small spellbooks for D&D 5E
Monsters, Spells, and Magic Items for 5e
Twelve ooze-themed spells
Wickercore spells for Cottagecore Cairn
The ultimate grimoire of spell creation
A compendium of nature-themed spells for Mausritter
A compendium of physical skills for Mausritter
A fey-themed supplement for Shadowdark RPG: ancestries, class, encounter table,spells, and monsters
Retreat to an area with plant life. Thank it for its aid.
An overhaul of healing for your 5e games
A short compendium of new spells for DnD5e
A collection of spells and spell casting rules for the Yeld TTRPG!
A Mosaic Strict TTRPG fragment about magical resistance zines!
Will gets to go on a mission today! Help them remember all the spells they know and see what's out there!
A supplement for the solo game of wizardry, GRIMOIRE.
a game of wordplay and wizardry
A cozy gamer table-top rolling playing game about planting, harvesting, crafting… and murdering your neighbors.
You play as badass wizards, with super special magic, using random photos.
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