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A solo story game about spellcraft and wizardry.
A minimalist sword and witchcraft RPG for campaigns and quick sessions
Wizardry and roleplaying! A fantasy game and campaign setting focusing on tactical team combat.
A solo game of magical creativity
and everybody hates you
A hexcrawling TTRPG set in the lowlands. Drown in swamps and tattoo your body with sacred mushroom ink.
A solo RPG about doing magical research and trying not to get run out of town
A YA Novel-esque RPG about imperial mage-warriors rebelling against a corrupt mage hierarchy and the gods of magic.
A Campaign Initiator Tool by Lucas Rolim - Compatible with Pacts and Blades
A Wizard Duel Miniatures Game
A wandering wyzard hunts the orbs of power.
A Tabletop Roleplaying Game Zine
A comprehensive wizarding academy toolkit
A playbook about wielding a dangerous arcane power for Beam Saber
A systemless setting about a city in the sky.
A rules lite old school roleplaying game of arcanists in search of answers built on Together We Go
a solo journaling game about being a slimy scavenger selling your dangerous wares
Explore divine carcasses, devour the weird, become the Other.
A mesa most magical, home to six irresponsible wizards making life hell for the whole countryside!
A chaotic no-prep rules-lite game about weird wizard academia.
A collaborative game of magic, friendship, and identity.
Master Elements and command the battlefield. A game of magic and conflict.
A solo game where you are a wizard trapped in an anti-magic future. Pick up a lasergun and defend yourself!
Rules-lite, no prep needed! ⚡ A quick Harry Potter ttrpg in the wizarding world
A Compassionate Magic TTRPG
A one person RPG about garden magic
Grow up weird in a repressive magical society
You are a wizard, using wordle to cast arcane rituals and solve peoples problems.
Unleash the magic in your dice collection!
A spellcasting supplement for Bastards.
200-word rpg wizard battle
An arcane manipulator of magic - Playbook for Blades in the Dark
Explore the old wizard's tower for fun and profit!
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